Hiatus Update: I went on a road trip.

Good day people. Badass coming through…

For those who stalked followed my Instagram and Twitter, I went on a trip to paradise, my first in 3years. For those who don’t know, I live in Singapore, and when we say road trip, most of us can only go to one country, Malaysia, but if you got the stamina, you can try driving to Thailand.

This time I went to a place called Port Dickson, a seaside town, about 280km from Singapore. I went there for quite a few times for its tranquility and peacefulness. I stopped by Malacca for lunch and then carried on the journey. The journey took 5hours overall and my Dad was speeding most of the time, otherwise it would have been even longer.

At around 5pm I reached my water villa, for those who don’t know what that means, it means the villa is above the sea.

For those who don’t believe me.

The lobby was nice, we get free refreshments and wet towels after a long journey

Took a panoramic shot, it wasn’t really that flashy and big, but it felt welcoming.

Since we requested for a seaview villa, the journey would be tiring with our luggages, so we had to take a golf buggy ride to our villa, honestly, it took me 5mins to walk from my villa to the lobby for breakfast, it was that long and deep into the sea.

And how the villa look like inside.

2x super comfy Queen sized beds, it was legitly comfy, with tons of pillows, I like.

And a private pool, yeap, a pool on top of the sea, this is a first for me and accompanied by a pleasant sea view. I showered outside the entire stay, just for the sake of the sea breeze and view.

Another pleasant panoramic shot.

Thats my family right there, it was a long walk, for dinner. Dinner was nice, we ate seafood restaurants the entire stay.

That night after dinner, I jumped into the pool straight away.

I never played so hard in such a long time.

Day 2, breakfast at the lobby. After breakfast, me and my Dad decided to drive to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) because we have never went there before. We reached there in 30mins, after a rather mountainous, rocky and speeding ride.


Lunch is at a seaside view Mcdonalds, imagine a 2-storey Mc near the seaside with a stunning seaview with you just beside you. Sorry, I didnt take pictures there, it was too distracting that I forgot. Went for some shopping also.

Dinner is served. I went to the pool again. Yeap, my night soak again.

I did not slack off and watched my shows whenever I can, wherever I can.

Day 3 time to go back home. It was extremely stress relieving, and fun. I really wished I could go back again.

That wraps up my trip. As for the hiatus, time to go back into hiding.





6 responses to “Hiatus Update: I went on a road trip.

  1. Never been to Kuala Lumpur, although I have been to Kota Kinabalu. It was fucking nice. Maybe I should consider coming to Singapore next time, I’ve got some family there lol

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