Mid-June Hiatus Update


Hey, I’m back~~~ for now, after this I will go back to snooze mode. Its just a update and reminder that I’m not dead, yet.

Where have you been?

Watching shows like crazy, rushing thru Re:Zero after picking it up at a very late date and completed the entire Strike Witches series so far. Now I’m watching Another, and some other shows that I left uncompleted.

Are you still blogging?

Not really, I’m currently writing a bunch of reviews and draft them and intend to post them at a later date, at least when I’m finally done with my hiatus.

When are you going to come back?

Not so sure. I had withdrawals from blogging for a few days and now I’m enjoying the life of watching shows non-stop.

Any achievements unlocked?

Yeap, a few actually. 1000 animes completed, 15000 episodes watched, currently at 225 days, my target is 250 days by this year at least.

I have more questions but isn’t listed here!

Just put them in the commenrs and I will answer them in a heartbeat.

Where can I find you?

Insta, Twitter, MAL, Steam. I’m pretty active in Twitter actually so its better if you find me there. My contacts are below.


So thats all for now, just a minor update, since I’m on a hiatus, don’t expect much from me from this post. Back to hiatus mode.



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