June Update Post w/ Plot Twist


Good evening. Time for my monthly updates.

How’s the new laptop?

Kurumi is running fine so far, definitely better than my previous one and I can finally do streams now. If you interested of seeing me stream games ot maybe some multiplayer game that you wanna play with me, just tweet me away.

Current season anime status

I decided not to drop a single one of them because I already started watching like 5-6eps into it and its gonna be a waste if I drop them now, so Imma try to finish them instead.

Future season?

I have a lot to list, a lot I hyped, can’t wait… just a month more away.

What are you watching right now?

The airing animes, Mirai Nikki, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Highschool of the Dead, Sora no Method. I will be watching 2 Ghibli movies this week too, will post on twitter accordingly. Will be watching Death and Rebirth, The End, and lastly Rebuild once I finally finish Neon Genesis.

Im currently watching and watched 1200+ animes, 15000+ eps worth and 224 days.

What is this plot twist?

Oh yeah, its going to be kinda shocking, I’m officially going on a INDEFINITE hiatus, for the blog at least. Finally.


  1. I running out of posts to write, I writing faster than I watch. Rushing shows every week is a very hectic thing to do and it will impact the way I watch animes, which will impact the quality of my posts. I still have shows that I haven’t posted yet, but I wanna save them up for a rainy day.
  2. Most people of the anime blogging community has took hiatuses already, I’m the only one that faithfully posted like crazy.
  3. Now that I can finally play games again, I need some time off blogging to play the games I missed out.
  4. In the meantime of playing games, I wanna stream them too.
  5. I want to pick up some more manga, I spend so much time watching shows that I lost the feeling of reading manga and its beauty around it.
  6. As I’m still serving the military, I only have weekends to myself, and most of it has went into blogging. I need some myself time.

When will you be back?

I honestly have no idea, I might miss out the timeframe to post my Spring 2016 wrap-up, my Summer 2016 future posts, my future monthly updates…

I won’t disappear or extinct, thats for sure. But if you need me, I will always be on Twitter and Instagram. Wanna play games? Find me on Steam.  Wanna see what anime I watched or watching, go to my MAL. Well in fact my contacts are all in one place, just scroll all the way down and you know where. Don’t worry, its not because my viewership dropped, in fact, my followers went up this past month, views been pretty stable so far also.

Thats all for my monthly update, nothing much as usual.

Finally I can take a really long breather.

Good bye.


12 responses to “June Update Post w/ Plot Twist

  1. Since becoming a blogger I have realized it is tough to make enough time to both digest anime/games in sufficient quantities to regularly post reviews.

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  2. Do have the best of times with Evangelion. Of all the anime I’ve seen, nothing has hit me harder than that franchise. In fact, I honestly thank it for bringing such true and honest characters and a glorious story worth telling Jesus about. Just . . . enjoy the ride. This is the one piece of advice Takuto has given you. It’s a wonderful adventure.
    Have fun on break! I suppose I’ll have to get around to Twitter now so that I can keep in touch with you ~

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  3. Enjoy the time off man, it’s nice to take a break every now and then.

    You said you’re on Steam? I’ll be sure to add you.

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  4. It’s all good dood. Take a breather to catch up on shows and get your game on. Best of luck this Summer and enjoy the shows you picked up along with your backlog of games.

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