Why I won’t expect D.Gray Man HALLOW will be as epic as the previous one.

Good evening~

Time from a different post from my usual reviews posts. I was thinking ever since they announced their entire staff list about this and I made Ruki mad about this.

But its the truth tho. Here are some reasons:

  • The director, series composer and character designer got changed.

Nabeshima Osamu and Harada Nana got changed to Ashino Yoshiharu for the directing. Series composer got changed from Yoshida Reiko to Yokote Michiko, Higuchi Tatsuto, Yamashita Kenichi. And Kabeshima Yosuke takes over Morioka Hideyuki as character designer. What does this mean? Many things. The show will definitely feel different. From the way on how they will adapt the story from the manga, how the character’s personalities will pan out and how they look. Its going to be like starting to feel the show all over again even tho they said that its going to be a sequel. Even tho multiple writers will have more ideas, but there is a terrible downside that is they will definitely be conflicts in ideas and subconsciously affect the adaptation. As for the character designs, according to the trailer, they looked pretty similar but I don’t think it will be much of a problem. But hopefully this show has better combat scenes, as the previous one has pretty inconsistent scenes.

  • Massive overhaul of the character voices.

Its just astonishing, its like starting the entire show from scratch. Some of the casts actually cannot even hold a candle against the original. This is one of the massive turn off for me. Just look at the staff change. Pretty much everyone changed.

Murase Ayumu takes over Kobayashi Sanae as Allen Walker <— Finally a male voice actor, but I got used to Sanae’s voice. And this guy looks like a KID. WTF, he looks like a trap.

Sato Takuya takes over Sakurai Takehiro as Kanda Yuu <—Sakurai Takehiro will always have one of the best badasses voice. After Midorikawa Hikaru and Kamiya Hiroshi.

Kakuma Ai takes over Ito Shizuka as Lenalee Lee <— a very unwelcomed change.

Hanae Natsuki takes over Suzumura Kenichi as Lavi <— Wtf really… I’m done.

Kondo Yui takes over Shimizu Ai as Road Kamelot <— I will miss that manipulative voice.

Tachibana Shinnosuke takes over Kishio Daisuke as Howard Link <— don’t really care.

Inoue Go takes over Konishi Katsuyuki as Komui Lee <— Him too?! Is it necessary?!

Sugita Tomokazu takes over Okiayu Ryotaro as Reever Wenham <— Hmm… both are similar…but still prefer the original

Koshimizu Ami takes over Toyoguchi Megumi as Miranda Lotto <— both of them have similar voices so its fine, but I’m going to miss Megumi for sure.

Sugiyama Noriaki takes over Iwata Mitsuo as Arystar Krory. <—sigh, really.

Otsuka Hochu takes over Aono Takeshi as Bookman. <—This is a no choice as late Aono-san isn’t with us anymore.

There is still a lot of unannounced changed roles and also new characters. The few people I don’t want them to change is Lulu Bell, Winters Sokaro, Klaud Nine, Froi Tiedoll, Cross Marian, Hevleska, Fo, Bak Chan. Especially Winters, Bak Chan and Fo. But they will definitely still change them for sure. Sigh.

I’m not ranting or hating the show, I love this franchise a lot, it’s just… the staff overhaul will definitely make me expect less from the show from now on. Some may think I’m worrying too much but there is some factors to consider. I’m not telling you to drop the series entirely but to watch it with a slight caution, as you may know who to blame if the show gets butchered.

Sorry to spoil anyone’s mood for the show if any, but I really have to say it.





2 responses to “Why I won’t expect D.Gray Man HALLOW will be as epic as the previous one.

  1. I’m excited about getting to see more of this, but I’m trying really hard not to get my hopes up. I love the original so much and I know that if I expect too much I will be disappointed with this. Still, seeing it come back after such a break is fantastic and given the time it seems natural that a lot of things would have to change.

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