May 2016: A Personal Update

Good evening! I used my tablet to write this post instead, since my PC is downloading stuff and its lagging horribly badly.

I have also decided to post a monthly post like this from now onwards to let you guys have a better idea of what Im going to do, what I have done and also to assure you guys that Im still alive and…kicking? Idk. Maybe. I sometimes will tell you about my personal life, if I feel like it.

I have so far not dropped any Spring shows yet at the moment, but Kuromukuro is a strong contender to get kicked out because I cannot handle its 24 ep worth of mecha nonsense. So much for showing off your new office, P.A.Works.

As for completed ones, I have completed 2 shows this week, its True Tears and Ano Matsu de Matteru. The reviews are currently work in progress as you read, and I love both shows into bits, and also extremely depressed by both series. Im going to watch The Anthem of The Heart, its a movie so I can squeeze a review after Im done with the both of them.

I have picked up Rurouni Kenshin, its going to be a LOOOONG ride, hopefully it will live up to my expectations. Im currently watching To Love-ru Darkness 2nd, already 4 eps into it and I think I can finish the show in the weekend. I have also picked up both seasons of Ef, heard its quite feely, hopefully its depressing, VERY DEPRESSING. Will keep my ambitions a bit small for now, at least until my new laptop arrives.

As for the gaming side, it will be stopped indefinitely, until my new laptop arrives and I will consider restarting my twitch and start streaming again.

Just now, I received a call from some woman, and she said she wanna make an app out of my website, and Im like, no, I dont need an app for this, its not THAT interesting to be an app.

Sorry this update was a bit short, I had a hard time yesterday, because I was on medical center duty and I only slept for 3 hours, Im actually a bit grumpy right now.

Any more questions? Ask me below and I will most probably answer them in a heartbeat.

One response to “May 2016: A Personal Update

  1. I’d download the app, just sayin’.
    Oh, and Ef is a marvelous two seasons to get tangled up in. Lots of good drama, so I can’t wait to read the review. I enjoy reading monthly updates from fellow bloggers.

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