WTF is going on with this Carnival?! : Carnival Phantasm


Good afternoon, I managed to finish this show in a 2 days, its because of its amazing humor that made me keep watching the show nonstop.

Originated from a manga, the anime isnt air on TV tho, its actually considered as an OVA. A total of 15 eps (excluding Fate/Prototype, I will make a separate post later).

This is pretty unique as you combine 2 serious VN franchises into one laughter hell anime, you get something that you have never seen before. It pokes fun at every character’s weaknesses to make it so funny that no one can make it out alive. It contains a lot of parody, most notably is Final Dead Lancer, as you know its Final Destination exclusively for Lancer. I couldnt take it, its too much for me, I literally laughed at every single minute of this goddamn show. They also somewhat make fun of the 2 main harem males by making them having a date that will cost their life. Characters are somewhat, what they are in their own series, but they managed to make them look literally like clowns. Didnt know Kishi Seiji can make such shows, my impression of him was actually him making more tragic shows, since he director Yuuki Yuuna and Angel Beats. Overall, it was too good, and too short. Each ep is only around 12-14minute-ish but the special had 25mins. I wished that they could have made every ep as long as 30min.

Animation done by Lerche. In fact, this show was Lerche’s first work since its establishment and they did an excellent job at it. Deen you better buck the fuck up, this is embarassing for you. Character designs were pretty much stuck to Deen’s design but they managed to make them look extremely cute. Quality is so much better than Deen but not at Ufotable’s level, but hey, this show is an extreme comedy, so no need the budget to be unlimited.

Music is nice. The OP is sung by 6 female singers, OMG. Namely Kuribayashi Minami, Hashimoto Miyuki, yozuca*, rino, Faylan and Misato Aki. It was extremely catchy and the OP animations made the song even more cuter. ED was not bad. BGMs were spot on.

OP (OVA ver)

Full ver

ED (OVA ver)

Full ver

VAs are mostly the same as their original voices, with some changed and additional characters and voices. Yuzuki Ryoka as Neco Arc and Arcueid Brunestud, Tanaka Atsuko as Neco Arc Destiny and Caster, Nojima Kenji as Neco Arc Evolution and Toono Shiki, Nakata Jouji as Neco Arc Chaos and Kotomine Kirei, Sakura Kumi as Neco Arc Bubbles and Ciel, Shitaya Noriko as Grail-kun/Seihai-kun and Mato Sakura, Honda Yoko as Hibino Hibiki and Sendai Eri as Katsuragi Chikagi. The Fate cast are unchanged but the Tsukihime side uses the Melty Blood cast instead of the original. They all did their job nicely, and Saber gets a girly voice for the first time~! Ahhh…

Best gurl? Saber, Arcueid, Illya, Red Saber… in fact a lot of them since they have shown their weak side that I fell in love with almost all of them.


Story: 8.5/10

Art: 8/10

Music: 8/10

VAs: 8.5/10

Highly recommended? If you have strong lungs, diaphragm and stomach, why not? Not for the weak hearted, you might go into your first ever cardiac arrest in your life. I love this show a lot, damn a lot.

Next post will be on Fate/Prototype, will be a pretty short review.



13 responses to “WTF is going on with this Carnival?! : Carnival Phantasm

  1. I have to make a correction: Lerche did not use Deen’s character designs. Lerche and Deen have been emulating Takeuchi Takashi’s (artist who did the Fate/Stay Night art for the visual novel) designs.


  2. Too bad Ufotable isn’t great with fighting choreography. They have to make it up with flashy efects.


  3. Well, given how much you tweeted like a madman about this show, I’m not surprised about your opinions about it. Watched the first episode but it seems that I wasn’t in the mood for it. I’ll try again when I’m in an, er. . .more agreeable mood. Ehehehehe~

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  4. Besides this being my favorite parody and I am proud of you for watching this, the op is my favorite one of all time and this was the series that made me love Saber. I sort of feel like rewatching it and the best part is that could be done in a sitting with how short these are.

    So, Nice, good job on the review.

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  5. Fifteen episodes seems rather long for an OVA, even if the episodes aren’t full length. I wouldn’t mind watching this show as I like Fate and the OP is so hilarious.

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    • OVAs mainly mean its not aired on TV, so its normal. Kiss X Sis was splitted into TV ver and OVA ver, the OVA had 12 eps. OVA are usually better, because they tend to be more uncensored… even more than the BD releases of the TV ver.

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