Spring 2016: Third Impressions (Part 3) and Results

Good evening~ This post came a bit late because of the amount of shows been delayed and then i need to do a wrap-up to my 3ep weekly posts.

Wagamama High Spec

Short and sweet. Simple as that. Im seriously considering buying this eroge af VN when its out.

Sansha Sanyou

Starting to feel better, or maybe Im getting used to how is it going to be like. Im not really enjoying this slice-of-life but its watchable for me. OP and ED is starting to get pretty catchy.

Shounen Maid

Still loving this show a lot. Madoka do the most stupid things. This ep is best so far.

Swagamoto Desu ka?

So much swag, thug and genius in one ep. I legit laughed like crazy today, close to being MVP of the season.


Missed 2 eps for this one. 2eps didnt really bring much to the table but its still damn entertaining even though they are episodic.

Which to drop? Which to continue?

Anne Happy – Too kawaii, too happy to drop. The good ol’ Onuma Shin days are coming back already.

Flying Witch – Too much peacefulness in this show. But the latest ep brought me back to love the show. The new girl might be best girl. Still hate the guy tho, his voice sucks. Not dropping.

Hundred – Its too nice for me to drop. The harem is just starting to form and this might be a wonderful harem orgy.

Kuma Miko – Watched the latest ep already and still contemplating whether to drop it or not. But it think at this rate, might as well just finish the show.

Kuromukuro – The latest ep managed to pull the show back a bit, but still not enough to completely save it. Not dropping yet.

Mayoiga – This is like on a balancing beam. Good setting, plot and pacing, but horrible amount of characters, character personalities. Lovepon should just die.

Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? – Its too pleasant. I love it. Its like watching a cheesy romance soap opera, talking about dorobonekos. Not dropping.

Onigiri – Its too cute to drop. I cant. I need to keep watching.

Pan de Peace – A pleasant baking short show. Not dropping.

Thugamoto desu ga? – Much thug, such swag, many badass. I worship him. NOT. DROPPING. IT. EVER.

Sansha Sanyou –  Direct competitor to Anne Happy. Its still nice to watch so not dropping.

Kyoukai no Rinne – The gags have improved while retaining the episodic format. I hope more drama starts to come soon.

Shounen Maido – Even tho it feels a bit gay, its still very entertaining to watch.

Haifuri – Watched the latest ep just now. Just when I thought the drama is finally coming to an end, but then they reminded me about Musashi. Damn. Its too excited and a lot of drama for a high school navy school. Not dropping.

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge – So much chill. I just watched 8eps of their web special just now and yeah, nothing much actually. Not dropping it. ED is damn catchy. He’s my role model.

Wagamama High Spec – Shortest VN adaptation ever. But its entertaining, so not dropping. VN under consideration.

Asterisk War – A lot of BS is already given in just this few eps along. But, since im close to halfway thru and I finished S1, might as well just watch for the sake of watching. Can finally see the beauty of Live2D in their latest ep, took them long enough, but IS’s 3DCGI rendering methods for the mecha parts feels more immersive than Live2D, even when Live2D looks better and matches the handdrawn animations better also. Storyline is getting more ridiculous, 2 mecha fighters combined like some Transformers ripoff. Ugh, the source material is actually that shitty? Im not going to bother touch that LN.

So far zero dropouts. But my tolerance for Asterisk might be out soon.

So thats it for my weekly posts of Spring shows, next post will most probably be Carnival Phantasm.



2 responses to “Spring 2016: Third Impressions (Part 3) and Results

  1. Great hearing your thoughts about this season of anime. I feel this season is missing a real romantic anime and I haven’t found anything really horror focussed (a few mysteries and a couple that are trying for edgy) but overall this season has some interesting contenders. Looking forward to seeing how you feel about the rest of the season.

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