Bang Bang: Hidan no Aria


Good evening! Finally finished this one last week. I dragged this show for more than a month.

LN sourced with 21 volumes and still ongoing. Anime lasted for 12 eps with 1 OVA. There is a spinoff with an AA, but I didnt watch that one yet, will pick it up as soon as Strike the Blood gets off my shoulder.

It wasnt really good, but it wasnt catastrophically bad either. The setting and combat sequences are really cliched but the storyline managed to pull off some twists but it wasnt really excellent either. The story felt really shallow and it doesnt really bring much of an impact. Romance in this show felt really…slow and sometimes very frustrating as it was quite obvious and they were all very oblivious about it. Characters felt VERY ordinary and this may lead to pretty accurate plot twist predictions. Character personalities were pretty bland too, I cant feel anything special about them, no one actually stands out much. Overall the show was nice, managed to bring like 2-3 arcs into this 12 ep format with pretty nice pacing is quite a feat already. OVA is just fanservice as usual.

Animations by J.C.Staff. Wasnt good, wasnt bad, but it didnt feel just right either too. Character designs were decent, combat scenes were decent. Ahhh, I cant find anything to praise the show.

Music is… ok. OP was only at the borderline but I cant feel the ED. BGMs felt pretty cheap too.

VAs is somewhat also quite a pretty… cliched list. Casting Kugimiya Rie for Aria is probably the most unsurprising thing I have seen, while Ise Mariya finally voices someone who is more seductive and not a tsundere. The rest are Majima Junji, Takahashi Mikako, Ishihara Kaori, Kawasumi Ayako, Kondo Takayuki, Eguchi Takuya, Kanemoto Hisako, Nakahara Mai, Asano Masumi, Nojima Kenji. Pretty much did what they are supposed to do.


Story: 7/10

Art: 6.5/10

Music: 7/10

VAs: 7/10

Recommended? Only when you ran out of shows to watch and decided that you wanna watch a shit series for the sake of it. This show is pretty much cliched in almost every aspect. Its very hard to find something positive to talk about for this show.

Next post will most probably tomorrow and surprisingly, its Carnival Phantasm. Thanks Joe for me, he brought me into this hellhole of death laughter.


3 responses to “Bang Bang: Hidan no Aria

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  2. I am going to buy a parrot and name it Strike the Blood. I can then tell him to get off my shoulder.

    This series wasn’t anything special, but I still liked it. Am looking forward to watching the spin-off when time permits.

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