Spring 2016: Third Impressions (Part 1)

Good evening~ This season felt a lot quicker than last season to be honest.


This show is definitely picking up the pace, the cliffhanger ending does wanna make me watch another ep. Irritating things will be more fucked up characters here and there as they get to know each other better, its starting to get on my nerves. I think I will keep watching this one, I like desperation shows.

Asterisk War S2


Ok, it escalates, I like this battle so far, its pulling me in. Looks like Im not dropping this anytime soon, it feels like the Yokohama arc in Mahouka.

Pan de Peace

I love this baking show, I need this to last forever.3mins too damn short. Wont drop this also.

Thats all for now~ Second eps coming up…


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