Spring 2016: Second Impression (Part 3)

Good evening~ Time for more 2nd eps. Length incoming, I literally milked out as many eps as I can this weekend. Damn the earthquakes, a lot of my shows got delayed. Sigh. But still #PrayforKumamoto


P.A.Works seriously dunno how to design a mecha. They invested so much on the 3DCGI combat scenes that they forget to improve on the character designs. The fight was ok, but wtf, a mecha that doesnt have a propulsion system, im done. 1 more ep, just 1 more chance left, or else im dropping this. So much for a decade anniversary work.

Anne Happy

I was intending to pick this up before it started but I forgot once the season kicks off. But hey, better late than never. Main reason why I picked this up mid-season is because Silver Link and Onuma Shin. Damn, its like Acchi Kocchi meets Azumanga Daioh and then the both of them met Servant X Service and became osananajimis all over again. Slice of life had never been so out of control before for me. Character designs were nice. The animation technique here is unique, they uses more frames to compensate the abstract background, but it blended pretty well and I enjoyed it, it kinda brings back the Servant X Service days. I think they did use Live2D animation techniques. OP and ED were awesome. I can confidently say that I will not drop this. This is like the better ver of Sansha Sanyou.

Flying Witch

Nothing is picking up, its too peaceful. But I still enjoyed it for some weird reason. The guy’s voice is slightly better now but still damn awkward to listen to. Chinatsu best loli here. Cant wait for more. I was hoping for some tragedy where the flying witch cant fly anymore. Well, I think this show will ended up floating to nowhere. Petit still pretty ok tho, still loving it.



So much escalation in just 2 eps. Yoshida Reiko is taking the blitzkrieg strategy this time round. Ended nicely where its starting to escalate even further. Cant wait for more of this goodness. Production IMS should stop doing shitty harems and do this type of shows instead.

Kyoukai no Rinne


Comedy is definitely better than the first season with emphasizing lesser on the money and help more spirits instead. And Sakura is exceptionally beautiful in this ep. Looks like I wont drop this.

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge

New girl! YAY~~~ I fucking love this show even more now, its like the more better ver of Nichijou already. OP was good, ED was sweet. Looks like I wont drop this show anytime soon. Its too fun to watch.

Shounen Maid

Its getting pleasant to watch. New girl comes in, the fun just never ends. I think I will love it a lot. Chihiro and Madoka is damn cute, but thank god it doesnt go yaoi. Fujiwara Natsumi did one of the best anime male voice in a very long time. Drama CD hired Kuwashima Houko but this newbie did her job damn well. I also enjoyed Shimazaki Nobunaga’s voice in here too. Wont drop this, EVER.

I cannot make it for Kuma Miko, Sakamoto and Sansha Sanyou, I will cover them next week~ See ya~

2 responses to “Spring 2016: Second Impression (Part 3)

  1. I guess mech designs can influence a viewer’s impression of a show. I didn’t like the Transformer designs of the live action movies for example.

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