Spring 2016: Second Impressions (Part2)

Good evening~ Time flies and its the second ep already.


So far so good, fanservice is definitely there, but I never seen such smooth transition between the fanservice and the serious combat. Combat scenes were not bad. Production IMS has finally learned. And their shows always have damn good OSTs, I love the OP and ED A LOT, cant wait for more. 12 eps is definitely a waste for this show. NEED MORE SEASONS.


Same old 3min goodness, they managed to squeeze up as much comedy as possible for the 3mins.

Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta

Ok, this is starting to get out of hand. Comedy all over the place, Im starting to restore my faith on Project No.9. Oh great, someone who cant distinguish reality and game world, that is so me when I was 16. I cant wait to see how this show will progress. OP was wonderful, ED was ok. This show might be the Konosuba of the Spring Season.


Thats all so far, I postponed this post for like 4 days because there is too little shows airing on weekdays nowadays… My next impression post will be a pretty lengthy one for sure, but I will not reveal any dates to keep it a surprise… kufufufu…


2 responses to “Spring 2016: Second Impressions (Part2)

  1. Perhaps Hundred will appeal to me. I like Code Geass and Cross Ange so fan service mixed with serious combat is right up my alley.

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