Spring 2016: First Impression (Part 3)

Good evening. I seriously picked up too many shows to the point that I need 3 parts of this.



Ok. Imagine this. Kancolle married Arpeggio of Blue Steel, but Kancolle had a affair with Girls und Panzer and Arpeggio of Blue Steel decided to have sex with P.A.Works. Thats it can be summarised. I still have faith with this series because Yoshida Reiko doing the script and Production IMS suddenly decided to pull off a P.A.Works. I wont drop this anytime soon, its an all-girls anime, which guy will actually drop this?

Wagamama High Spec

A bit disappointing about the short 3min eps format. But I will still love this and get the eroge once its out. Animation quality is pretty well done especially the ED. Character designs were pretty legit.

Thats it for all the first ep, now if you excuse me, I need to watch Hundred in perfect peace.


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