Spring 2016: Second Impressions (Part 1)

Good evening~ Time for my second week of posts~


It is escalating at some point. The delinquent-like guy is massively annoying. I love this show and its slowly turning dark. Its going to be a good one I suppose.

Asterisk War S2


Blah blah blah, its getting like Mahouka all over again. Yadda Yadda Yadda, Ono Manabu must like talking shows a lot. Too much theory going on, that im dying. AND WHERE’S MY CLAUDIA? WHY DID YOU EVEN HIRE TOYAMA NAO IN THE FIRST PLACE, she should have been a muted character since the beginning if her role is THAT minor in the series. UGH, so pissed. Oh yeah new character, great, another squeaker fail. MOVING ON, DONT FUCKING MAKE ME DROP THIS.

Pan de Peace

Timing is starting to get tight and the speed is starting to accelerate, but still ok. Wont really expect much from this show.

Kuma Miko

Comedy is there, its like your cure to boredom, seriously. Lets see how this show will end…

Thats it for now, next post will be in a few days when I accumulated enough shows to post them.

One response to “Spring 2016: Second Impressions (Part 1)

  1. Claudia isn’t in the current arc that much, that’s what I’ve been told. She’ll probably be back in a few eps I’m guessing. At least she’s in the preview at the end.

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