Spring 2016: First Impression (Part 2)

Good evening~ AND LOOK WHO’S BACK… for now, Im using my Mom’s laptop for the time being until my laptop arrive. Its definitely more robust and better than my previous one but gaming still a no no, looks like Im stuck to watching anime for now. Steam will have to wait.

Time for more first episodes!

Sakamoto Desu ka?

Badass as fuck. He’s so obnoxious I fucking worship this guy. OP is pretty great. Studio Deen hits the nail on the animation this time, love this character design a lot. Cant wait for the next ep.

Shonen Maid



But the art is so similar to Kaichou wa Maid-sama, omg, 8-bit good job! I thought it was about a guy being a maid in a maid cafe, but this setting isnt that bad too.

Kyoukai no Rinne S2



The Great Depression of anime makes a comeback with more financial troubles. The gags have somewhat improved but still quite weak. OP was fine. ED was ok, better than season 1.


Another mecha, another anniversary work, but without the Pure 3DCGI from Sanzigen. M.A.O is on a roll this season, she might be the new HanaKana of 2016. Character designs does have the P.A.Works signature to it but the overall quality is just disappointing, where the vivid and bright colors?! And whats with the overly excessive used 3DCGI?! The story is like Samurai Deeper Kyo meets Aldnoah.Zero. I can expect more shit from this series, not going to have high hopes on this one.

Flying Witch

J.C.Staff yay, but the character design tho, could have been better. So far a bit of stuff happens and then comedy levels were decent. OP was good. The guy’s voice sound like a boring and monotonous version of Satoru, his voice for every situation is the same, why is he even debuting as a voice actor?? Ugh, fatal flaw.

Sansha Sanyou

OMG Dogakobo. Im so done with this show. I love this show so much. Nuff said.

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge


Silver Link qualiy. Im sleepy. Im going to sleep.


So far so good, but when flaws come, they come in a lethal blow. Time to watch up those 2nd eps~

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