Spring 2016: First Impressions (Part 1)

Good evening~ Here we go, springs kicks off with a… lost journey?


So far nothing much yet, but it does feel very promising. I feel like its gonna be a mindfuck show. Cant wait for the next ep. The cast can be a bit too big and its fucking hard to remember names even when they convert it to usernames. Character designs is pretty… bland I guess, quality wise is ok. OP is fine, ED was good.

Asterisk War S2


The story picks off where it ended from the last season. It felt… pretty bland so far still, but they spent too much effort on the OP and ED animations until the combat scenes looked very underwhelming. OP and ED was ok. STILL NO CLAUDIA. WTF.


Fucking stoked. This show has lived up to my expectations already in 1 ep, never felt so satisfied in a very long time. The plot already thickens in its 10+min and then keeps on escalating further. Ending with a perfect cliffhanger. The fanservice blended with the show perfectly. Animation quality is pretty well done so far, quite surprising from Production IMS. OP is mindblowing and ED was catchy af. This show better keep it up, potential anime of the season and definitely a potential OP and ED of the year. Pretty awesome cast and the newbie guy for the MC did a pretty great job. Character design is pretty well done. This is the first time I completed the entire 24min including the ED and the next ep preview and also kept me away from Twitter for 24mins. Its was that good. Didnt hype for nothing.

Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta

I thought this show will be a pretty lighthearted and naive romance in online gaming, but then the plot twists and goes away from what I expected. The Shoujo-tachi animation works is a bit of a turn-off but the show is nice, especially when Hidaka Rina makes a comeback as a kawaii onna again. Im sticking to this one for now… Project No.9 is on a failing streak nowadays.


This show is seriously too damn short. 3mins of wtf, its like Teekyu all over again. But the animations and the moe voices will definitely keep me going.

Pan de Peace

Another 3min short, but not as fast paced as Teekyu and not as wtf as Onigiri, but in the future, its going to be hard to thicken the plot. This show will float here and there, but most probably can finish this one.

Kuma Miko

Unique in all angles. From setting to story to comedy to art and even the cast is all well done. Especially the art, its really unique, I never seen such pleasant scenes in a long time. This will be the stress-reliever for this season. Confident that I wont drop this.


So far so good. I kinda delayed this post because I only had Asterisk and Mayoiga last week so it will make the post very short and meaningless if I posted last week.

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