Im selling off my blog.

Yup, selling it off. Some anonymous guy gave me an offer a few days ago and with so much shit stirring onto me on Twitter and serious consideration, I decided to let him have it.

Not going to reveal any pricing or anything, but I can actually tell you why Im decided to stop blogging.

  • Not enough time in my hands.

Im still serving my military service and earliest is Sept then i can be a free man again, but by then, I would have other commitments like studying, job and hopefully, romance.

  • Blog views has been a downward trend and im losing followers.

Yeah, I think i can guess the reason, the quality of my posts been dropping lately, due to certain reasons that I cant put 100% into it.

  • The twitter shitstorm kinda tell me where I stand in the community.

Kinda like a punching bag, pretty much what I experienced in real life. If both reality and internet is telling me to go, Imma just go.

  • I need the money.

Been forking out my money to maintain the blog and is starting to tear wallets and pockets.

  • Anime passion has been dropping lately

Dunno why, but Im starting to feel bland about anime now.

Thats pretty much the reason. This will officially be my last post. It was shortlived, 1 year and 1 month and my blog has to be given away to another person. So just let this post make it die down and let me have a quiet departure. Please dont blame me.

Happy April Fools. Dumbasses

16 responses to “Im selling off my blog.

  1. Well I hope you do something awesome with the money you make, and I hope you get going on that romance thing of yours. It’s sad to see you go.


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