March Shopping: Sony ExtraBass MDR-XB950BT and SmartWatch 3

Good morning~ Bought these 2 babies last week and I decided to write about them. Because someone requested it.

Sony SmartWatch 3

I have been dying to buy it after my SmartWatch 2 died on me. Bought it with a discount, so worth it. I chose the lime green color because it felt really sporty and besides, if I dont like it anymore, I can buy another color strap from Sony anytime so no worries.

After using it for a week, it felt so much better compared to the SmartWatch 2. It has GPS, Wifi, pedometer and Bluetooth. I just went for a 8km run yesterday, so the watch came into good use as a fitness tracker. Notifications rings immediately, no matter what type of notification. I did some app scouting and now my watch can browse the web, watch youtube videos. This watch also have 4GB of memory, that means I can load music in it and use Bluetooth to connect to my XB950BT to listen. So far so good, I think i can do more with this, Android Wear has so much potential.

Sony ExtraBass MDR-XB950BT

Time for the main course. This will replace my 2year old MDR-XB920 as my main headphone.

This one has Bluetooth but also supports wired connection too. This one is A LOT lighter than my old one, and also a lot more comfy to wear than the 920.

Audio wise, how does it compare to my old XB920?

  • 40mm drivers on the 950BT vs the 50mm on the 920. I tell you, 50mm is too big and the phone cannot power the driver completely, and the burn-in time for the driver is long.
  • Bass is more versatile now, it gets better after pressing the Bass Boost button, for a few minutes, the headphone vibrates VERY hard at the bass, its like a massager.
  • Lesser headaches than the 920, this one is more comfortable.
  • More ventilated, lesser sweat.
  • Volume is a lot louder now.
  • The mids and trebles tends to get covered by the bass but its still tolerable.
  • Its about 100g lighter now.

Since it uses Bluetooth, means it has its own battery, it can last a whole day for me, but it still can go on. Charges using the common MicroUSB so no troubles.

What will happen to my XB920? I wont throw it away, its now appointed as my gaming headphones, because my laptop can make it perform at its full potential.

My next things in my shopping list is most probably a laptop, and its coming soon…

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