Digimon Adventure tri. : Ketsui (spoilers guaranteed)


Good afternoon, after a long wait, its finally here, Part 2 of the real finale. This movie has changed a lot after the first one.

The story has definitely picked up a LOT. Even tho its mostly slice-of-life, but slowly it escalates and then finally, the climax. I literally jizzed at the Super Evolution and Ultimate Evolution, I HAVE MISSED IT A LOT. One of the most shocking moments will most probably Meicoomon murdering Leomon out of possessed cold blood. I did not even expect this at all. Ichijouji Ken makes a wonderful comeback as the Emperor again.

Animations proved that Toei is actually putting effort. Even tho the Evolution sequences does get a bit naggy and lengthy but i still love it, i cant stop jizzing.

Music is pretty much the same as the first one. I LOVE THE REWRITTEN OP. OMG, ITS SO NICE.

VAs wise still the same so skip~


Story: 8/10

Art: 8/10

Music: 8/10

VAs: 8/10

Cant wait for Sept for Kokuhaku. AHHH~~~


3 responses to “Digimon Adventure tri. : Ketsui (spoilers guaranteed)

  1. I feel bad for Imperialdramon. A mega level Digimon but can’t beat Gomamon and Togemon easily. Another disappointing thing is Vikemon and Rosemon only got two minutes of screen time.

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