On March 1st, this blog entered the battlefield

Yeah, time flies and this blog has reached its first year. And I know this post came a bit late.

Its time for a story, a story that will most probably bore you out, badly.

This blog is actually made out of impulse, I didnt do much planning, like how to write, what to write, when to write. Before I started this, I was a frequent forum user, for like 4years. Until one point of time when the forum became very negative and felt more like a place for dumb fanboys and girls, I decided to quit, because I think that I can never voice my opinion there. So I became a lifeless soul in the internet with nothing to do. Then I stumbled upon WordPress, and saw all those blogs. I thought to myself, maybe I can also make one, so that I actually voice my opinions. And ta-da~ my blog is born.

The first few months were tough, because it felt like no one is actually reading, until one day, i finally gotten my first view and first like and first follow and first comment. Then I met friends within the community.

And now I met so many friends and gained a lot of followers. I also opened some viewers minds with the shows I watched and the songs I listened to. Overall, i didnt regret making that decision on starting this blog.

I dont think i will shut down anytime soon, at least for the next 5 years. Hiatus, also dont think so, will try to keep my weekends occupied with slimming down my backlog and also write as many posts as possible.

As usual, you can find me on my twitter, instagram, MAL.

You can spam weirdass questions also on my ask.fm because I have been getting those for the past few weeks.

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