Lightheartedness and density: Kimi ni Todoke



Good evening! Finally finished this long ride of slowpaced and facepalm-filled romance.

Originated from a manga, still ongoing with 25volumes, which is a lot. Anime lasted for 2 seasons of 25 and 13 eps. They also did a live-action movie which I find it far more superior than the anime, even when they slightly tuned the storyline from the manga.


Storyline is slow and not really much fluctuations, its mostly flatline with quite a bit of cheesy, goosebumps, frustrating and facepalm moments. But even with all those, its still enjoyable to watch as its kinda hilarious. 38 eps may feel long, but I honestly wished to see 50 eps worth since there is more than enough material at that point of time and the anime sold pretty well. The ending was pretty abrupt and the conclusion isnt really satisfying for me, Its kinda like the “read the manga” ending. The main reason why its so long-winded is because of the density of both Shota and Sawako, its damn frustrating especially when the moment is really obvious.

Animations by Production I.G, the AoHaru-type colors and backgrounds made it very suitable. Its comfortable to watch without the feel of it being very cheap.

Music is a downside for me, its really up to personal preference, I dont like all the OPs and EDs at all.

VAs is pretty nice. Noto Mamiko, Hirano Aya, Namikawa Daisuke, Nakamura Yuichi, Sanpei Yuko, Sawashiro Miyuki, Miyano Mamoru, Hatano Wataru.

Live-action Film

Why is this superior? Straight to the point without sacrificing the comedy and contents, made a better version out of both the anime and manga. Even tho its a 2hour film, but it honestly felt longer than usual and also it feels more lighthearted, less frustrating, less cheesy to watch. The straight-to-the-point story is due to the MCs being more straightforward but still has a bit of density in them. This one had a proper conclusion that Im satisfied of. I can rewatch this over and over again without the sense of being sick of it anytime soon, its really sweet to watch this romance bloom over the manga and anime.

The actors chosen for the film is extremely suitable, they fitted in nicely, matching the characters. Tabe Mikako is literally Sadako, Miura Haruma really had that pleasant feel from Shota, Kiritani Mirei is the suitable beauty to star as Kurumi. Even Watanabe Natsuna and Renbutsu Misako fitted the looks and personality of Ayane and Chizuru. Aoyama Haru with that Ryu look, well, his role is the most simple to reprise.



Story: 8/10 (S1), 7.5/10 (S2)

Art: 8/10

Music: 3/10

VAs: 8/10

Live-action film

Story: 9/10

Character Replication: 8/10

Actors chosen: 8/10

Highly recommended to watch both, but if you have the patience to see this romance bloom in the anime, otherwise, just watch the live-action will do. This romance can be pretty sweet when they are together.



7 responses to “Lightheartedness and density: Kimi ni Todoke

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  3. While it’s true that the storyline is somewhat slow-paced because of the characters’ density and lightheartedness, the romance and comedy did an amazing job in making me love this series. I have watched both the anime and the live action and have read the manga up to the latest volume as well. And indeed, nothing’s more cute than an innocent love. 😉

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  4. I have watched the anime and part of the manga. The first season was cute/funny, but series two started to try my patience. For the sake of having drama the characters started to act really stupid and the relationship between the leads seemed to regress.

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    • I’ve seen both and adore this series through and through need to read the manga now. I agree the liveaction movie did outshine the anime just a bit more for me. it was the first ever first live action movie I’ve ever seen wasn’t sure about it but I loved it a lot 🙂

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