Winter 2016: Last Impressions (Part 1)


Good morning! This will be my 2nd last post for Winter 2016… I really cant invest the time on writing things weekly.

Musaigen no Phantom World

This week is about how she gets her big boobs forget her past. Combat scenes seems pretty simple and nothing much to expect, but they replaced it with a lot of action comedy. The main guy needs lots of physical training…


Dagashi Kashi

Same old, snacks and candy comedy. This show always make have nothing to write not because its boring, but because of its comedy being unable to described in words. But this eps nonsense is in another level.



This show is seriously walking or even sitting on a tightrope. Chika trying to have a private session with the teacher, normally it would be another girl trying to stop this, but it ended up to be Haruta. Not that I didnt expect this to happen, but its the fact that this show is seriously going into a goddamn weird direction. The member hunting eps is running out of charms and slowly wasting the eps. They really need to start practicing because the competition is coming.


Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wa Mezasu

This is another one which is situated somewhere on a tightrope. Its now totally a love and hate. This show is going to end up like Daitoshokan, I can feel it. But I think Im going to aim to finish this. This show is wavering my decision on buying the visual novel.


Bubuki Buranki

Ok, I was about to drop this, but it ended where its just right, now i need another ep. Wont drop this for the time being for now. But still a mediocre ep.


Boku Dake ga Inai Machi

This show is seriously a strong contender to be the Anime of the 1st Half of 2016. Still to early to say Anime of the year, due to Kancolle, D.GrayMan, Love Live Sunshine, Shingeki no Kyojin S2. Its picking up slowly and everything makes sense one way or another. Ended just right, now I cant wait for next week to happen.


My Part 2 will come next week as usual, and also a unique post coming soon.

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