Winter 2016: Second Impressions (Part 2)


Good morning!!! Rushed through a lot of eps last night… Will post my 3rd ep impressions after this one.

Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm

This show is starting to take flight see what I did there. Comedy stays on track and the seriousness of the Flying Circus fiasco starts to creep in. The shoes are just beautiful. But seeing Asuka getting owned all of a sudden after seeing her performance on ep1 was just damn frustrating, I legit wanna rage. Beginner’s luck… sigh. ED felt nice.



Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shufukuwo!

The other 2 characters finally came! And as expected weird af. But i love them both, but i think Megumin might take over Aqua as best girl, she too cute for me. Darkness is just too weird. As usual, useless goddess is useless goddess. So much fun watching this. It slowly feeling like its falling the same category as Zero no Tsukaima and Outbreak Company. ED was pretty well done too.


Nijiiro Days

Omg, so much cheese in this ep. I love it. The new girl is seriously one-of-a-kind cuteness that I also fell in love with at the end of the ep. Cant wait for more.


Ok thats pretty much it for the ep2s… now time for ep3s…

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