Special Dedication: Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm (spoilers ahead)

Good evening~ I picked this one up during the week and I was in love immediately with this show…

Watched the first few seconds and saw a cute girl singing a song to the sky and birds, damn so captivated.

Then saw the grown up ver of that little girl.



Saw it coming

Longest break fall attempt ever

Never mind

Cutest Boohoo ever. And after that fall…

She lost her keys.

True story

You still have time for dat now??

Somehow managed to get a guy to help her find her keys. (sorry about that image error, it was unforgivable, hang me if you want.)

2seconds later

Instant found.

Later they get a greeting from…

Now that I know your name, YOU ARE MY WAIFU

As they were pretty late already so they decided to fly to school but…

Welp, sleeping while flying, dont try this at your backyard folks.

Even after flying they still need to…

She did her lengthy af intro during class and the teacher asked the 2 of them to teach Asuka how to fly but..

She failed quite badly for a few days…

Not to spoil it any furthur I will stop here. I legitly enjoyed the first ep and never had this feeling for a long time. They managed to bring out the feel that only VN has. Animations are good, character designs are as cute af, Element Gardens behind the music composition, Kawada Mami singing the OP, might be one of the best combi to make a wonderful VN-adapted anime. I highly recommend people to watch this. In fact, I will buy the VN if it ever goes English, I swear.


4 responses to “Special Dedication: Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm (spoilers ahead)

  1. I love anime/stories when it is about flying. It always seems a bit romantic. I just think I would enjoy it more if they didn’t also have that “mini-game” in the story, but I guess people need some action [and allows a setup to have the main character not use the technology often].

    I’ll keep an eye out for future posts on this :3! Thanks.

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