Being the Ultimate Clown: Muteki Kanban Musume

Good evening, I was bored, so I decided to make a speedy review of something that I think no one actually knows exists.

Original material from manga, lasted for 4 years (2002-2006) in 17volumes, with a sequel manga lasted for a year (2006-2007) in 5 volumes. Anime lasted for 12 eps back in 2006. This francise is pretty simple itself but it was severely underrated as many people neglected such a hidden gem.

The storyline is all episodic but doesnt kill the entertainment at all. Comedy reaching the sky with reality abandoned to accommodate more idiocy and nonsense. Never fail to stop laughing at every episode. This series is pretty much floating out of nowhere so dont expect it to get serious or go into a series of climaxes. The ending is no ending, you will feel like going back to ep1 all over again. I love this series, I dont mind it ending here, because the gags never runs dry or gets bland anytime soon.

Animations by Telecom Animation Film, aka TMS Entertainment. I would say its already decently done, for a comedy anime of such degree. Character designs are also ok. The amount of variety in their emotions can be very hilarious. Since its a 2006 anime, so expect it to be in 4:3 ratio.

Music is pretty ok. Nice OP, but ED feels a bit off.

VAs list can be pretty shocking for a few. Nabatame Hitomi, Koshimizu Ami, Nakamura Yuichi, Hiyama Nobuyuki. All well done, was shocked with this list.


Story: 8.5/10

Art: 7/10

Music: 7/10

VAs: 8/10

Highly recommended, the comedy in this show can entertain the mainstream audience. Since its only a short 12 ep, why dont you just give it a try?


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