The Ultimate: Cosmic Era Universe (Gundam Seed series)


Good morning~! One of the main shows that makes me wanna watch anime, you can call this one of my childhood. In this post I will talk about the HD Remaster ver, as Sunrise did a wonderful job to make the old ver irrelevant.

I would say, as for me, Cosmic Era universe might be the best out of all the Gundam series I ever watched so far, Gundam 00 is a close 2nd. Why? Quite a deep storyline and has very beautiful Gundam designs, its like as if its at their pinnacle. I think i will just do a feature on Gundam Seed, as Seed Destiny wasn’t as good as Seed, and also not to make it naggy and lengthy.

Gundams (Gundam Seed)


yup, you didnt see wrongly, they combined all the Striker Packs into one perfect package. Its called Perfect Strike Gundam.

GAT-X105 Strike Gundam

One of the first 5 Gundams of the series, the only Gundam the Earth Forces had, and also the most versatile out of the 5. One of its major flaws in the beginning was that its battery capacity is pretty low, so it can run out of power at a rather fast rate, something like our phones right now. But it was fixed after Archangel joined Orb, but combining all 3 packs into one and added 4 more battery packs.


  • 2 x “Igelstellung” 75mm Multi-barrel CIWS
  • 2 x “Armor Schneider” Combat Knife
  • “Schwert Gewehr” 15.78m Anti-ship Sword
  • “Panzer Eisen” Rocket Anchor
  • “Midas Messer” Beam Boomerang”
  • Agni” 320mm Hyper Impulse Beam Cannon
  • 4 x Extended Battery Pack
  • 120mm Anti-ship Vulcan Gun
  • 2 x 350mm Gun Launcher
  • 2 x Beam Saber (Only available if only using the Aile Pack)
  • Shield (Only available if using only the Aile Pack)



GAT-X303 Aegis Gundam

Also the first 5 but was captured by ZAFT, and also the first transformable Gundam. ZAFT was rushing to capture this unit that they destroyed all the additional equipment packs meant for them, rendering their Gundams useless on Earth due to insufficient amount of thrust in their suits.


  • 2 x “Igelstellung” 75mm Multi-barrel CIWS
  • 4 x Beam Saber
  • “Scylla” 580mm Multi-phase Energy Cannon (Only available in MA attack Mode)
  • 60mm High Energy Beam Rifle
  • Shield


GAT-X103 Buster Gundam

One of the coolest looking and one of my favourite Gundams due to its heavy equipment and arsenal packed in this Gundam. One of its main disadvantage is it lacks beam sabers so its not capable of doing CQC.


  • 350mm Gun Launcher
  • 94mm High-energy Rifle (Combine these 2 to get either an Anti-Armor Shotgun or Hyper Impulse Long-Range Sniper Rifle)
  • 2 x 220mm 6-barrel Missile Pod

This one is after adding the Assault Shroud pack. It includes additional armor, a missile pod of the left shoulder and an additional cannon on the right. This pack can be considered to be pretty bulky and heavy, which is not Yzak’s fighting style as he prefers CQC.

This one is similar to the Strike, but its equipment can be pretty much be a hindurance than an assistance, it looks very bulky when its engaging in to CQC.


  • 2 x “Igelstellung'”75mm Multi-barrel CIWS
  • 2 x Beam Saber
  • “Shiva” 115mm Railgun
  • 220mm 5-barrel Missile Pod
  • 57mm High-energy Beam Rifle
  • 175mm Grenade Launcher
  • Shield

This part will get interesting.


My most favourite pose from a Gundam, and my favourite Gundam of all time.

ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam

This one is developed from all the 4 Gundams they captured. Packs a heavy arsenal but also have beam sabers to do the CQC. Due to its heavy arsenal, this suit packs a nuclear reactor so that it has practically unlimited operating time and power. The wings are the highlight of this Gundam, its capable of maneuvering around beams, missiles, pretty much everything. Lovely pose. This suit can be attached to the METEOR unit for even more heavy firepower.


  • 2 x M100 “Balaena” Plasma Beam Cannon
  • 2 x MA-M01 “Lacerta” Beam Saber
  • 2 x MMI-GAU2 “Picus” 76mm CIWS
  • 2 x MMI-M15 “Xiphias” Rail Cannon
  • High-Mobility Aerial Tactics (HiMAT) Mode
  • Full Burst Mode
  • Multi Lock-On System
  • MA-M20 “Lupus” High-energy Beam Rifle
  • Laminated Anti-beam Shield

Most unique Gundam to date. Also one of my favourites

ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam.

Same development platform, but this one is a contrast from the Freedom, its meant for CQC but it packs quite a bit of firepower also but not as strong as what the Freedom. This suit also has a nuclear reactor. The unique part is that its wing can be detached and used as a remote-controlled mobile armor called the Fatum-00. The suit can also attach to the METEOR unit also.


  • 2 x MA-M01 “Lacerta” beam saber
  • 4 x MMI-GAU1 “Sagittus” 20mm CIWS
  • 2 x RQM51 “Bassel” beam boomerang
  • 4 x GAU5 “Volucris” machine gun (Fatum-00)
  • 2 x M9M9 “Cervus” turret machine gun (Fatum-00)
  • 2 x MA-4B “Fortis” beam cannon
  • MA-M20 “Lupus” beam rifle
  • Laminated Anti-beam Shield

Ok Im done with the nerdy and geeky part of the post.

Storyline for Seed can be a bit slow sometimes, as the earlier suits looked pretty weak and uninspiring. But after Freedom is developed, the story picks up a lot faster pace that before.Thats the part where the show starts to captivate viewers. The ending was pretty well done. Then Seed Destiny comes with about the same pace as Seed in the beginning. Slow but the story is more interesting due to its suit being more advanced. The story picks up pretty early, and also because of Freedom being activated once again. One of the major plot twists is that Impulse can actually go against Freedom and defeat him. But overall, Seed felt a lot better than Seed Destiny.

The main difference between the old and the new HD Remaster isnt just about the 16:9 full HD replaces the old 4:3 SD. Some scenes were totally redrawn from scratch, character designs were improved to fit into Seed Destiny’s. The Phase Shift sequence animations have also been updated. There were quite a few added scenes which can make viewers understand the story a bit better and also have a more pleasant experience than those who only watched the old ver. Combat scenes are also redrawn but not all, and also added a few new combat scenes. Some Gundams has new quite a few newly added equipment, like the Perfect Strike and the Strike Rouge Ootori. But some scenes can be disappointing as they still looked pretty weak, for current animation standards and also Sunrise’s animating capabilities. Overall, its a whole lot better in every aspect.

Voices are all the same, and no newly added lines, so nothing has changed for this one. But they already did a wonderful job, so i have no complains here.

Music is a huge improvement. BGMs may be the same, but some songs had ~ReTracks~ on them, means the music has been recreated and it felt very immersive, especially the slow songs.

If this show didnt aired on 2002 but instead aired now with its Remaster, it would have been AO2015 already.


Story: 9/10 (Seed), 8.5/10 (Seed Destiny)

Music: 9/10 (Seed, Seed Destiny)

VAs: 8/10 (Seed, Seed Destiny)

Art: 8.5/10 (Seed, Seed Destiny)

Extremely Recommended, especially those who already watched the old ver and not this one yet. You can keep rewatching and never feel sick of it ever again.

Sorry for this lengthy post, I can get very geeky with Gundams.

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  2. GUNDAM POST !! I love gundam a lot I need to seed version and would love to see blood Orphan haven’t watched any mecha in so long 😀 Awesome post ;D

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