Beyond my boundary of imaginations: Kyoukai no Kanata


My official last post of 2015! Yeah, rushed through everything including the movies.

Originated from a LN. Strangely, its been 3 years plus and it only has 3 volumes. Might be the reason why they didnt make another season, in fact is they cant. Anime lasted for 12 eps with 6OVAs and 2movies.

Storyline is nice. Unique, nicely-paced, pulling off gags during serious moments. The serious moment gags are always the most funniest, due to the fact that they tend to come unexpectedly and you find it even funnier when that happens. During battles, the pacing increases but at a pretty reasonable pace. You will also be pretty surprised that they can blend in the comedic slice-of-life into such an atmosphere. The ending can be pretty dramatic but it felt nice and the feels can be slightly felt, depending on the sensitivity of the person. OVA are actually 2 types. The 1st is actually an omake 5 eps shorts with deformed girls and courtroom and idols and stuff. I laughed hard. Then the 2nd one is a prequel to the anime series, showing how Hiroomi and Mitsuki met Akihito, slightly serious and the comedy only comes at the very end, sadly. As for the movies, Kako-hen as everyone knows its a summary of the anime with a bit of added scenes, the added scenes comes at the end just after the credits. Mirai-hen is a totally new and original story, acting as a sequel to the anime and Kako-hen altogether. Kako-hen felt pretty serious, but some serious moments does have some lighthearted comedy in them but sometimes it can be very hard to feel. The feels in the ending is just heavy, you can actually feel it coming towards you. I love the entire series overall, due to its versatility and uniqueness of their storyline.

Animations done by the-one-and-only KyoAni. Character designs are beautiful, background nicely rendered. Combat scenes are epic, they can keep up with the pace and even tho most of the time its fast moving, but they did it just nicely. As always, impressed.

Music is nicely done, Chihara Minori doing most of them, but Mirai-hen’s ending is the best.

VAs are a list of pretty cute people. Taneda Risa, KENN, Chihara Minori, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Watanabe Suzuki, Konno Hiromi, Kuwasumi Ayako, Yahagi Sayuri, Toyota Moe. All of them did an excellent job, Taneda Risa is epic with her voice and Chihara Minori is cute with her “Onii-chan”, i will never forget this voice, this one is so much cuter than her voice for Miku in DAL.


Story: 9/10 (Anime), 9/10 (Idol OVA), 8/10 (Prequel OVA)

Art: 9/10

Music: 8.5/10

VAs: 9/10

Highly recommended. Watch it blindly and enjoy the journey, you will love it lots.

As for the movies, Kako-ken can just skip, but at least watch the last few mins of it after the credits to somewhat get a better idea of what Mirai-hen is trying to do. This is optional tho, you can skip the entire movie if you want.

So, this wraps up my last post of 2015, because in my timezone, its only 30mins away to 2016. See you guys next year!

7 responses to “Beyond my boundary of imaginations: Kyoukai no Kanata

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  2. Happy New Year, hahaha! I liked Kyoukai no Kanata a decent amount, but I’ve still yet to see the movies. I heard all this talk about the second film, but then BAM, it’s as if it vanished off of the face of the planet! Hopefully it’s as good as you say.
    The only anime that makes glasses cool IMO

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  3. Whhoo! Happy new year! Liked your post, this anime is famous but I haven’t watched it yet…..
    I’m kind of confused, what is this anime about? Is it some kind of fantasy?

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