A relationship that lasts, but never legit: Seto no Hanayome


Good evening!

Originated from a manga. Last for 4 years, 2006-2010, and bundled into 16volumes altogether. Anime lasted for 26eps with 2 OVAs.

Storyline is pretty epic and unique on its own. I always wanted this type of romance comedy, where a harem doesnt feel like one. I also always loved these type of messy engagements and when the dad objects it to the core. The comedy will definitely blow you away and cause some serious breathing difficulties. It also have sadists and some tough-outside-innocent-inside type of girls. Anime series wrapped up pretty nicely, then the OVA came with even more comedy, its a outweighs the anime easily with the comedic levels. There seriously nothing much to complain about, but maybe i need more of this series, 26eps and 2 OVAs doesnt quench my thirst.

Animations done by AIC and Gonzo. At first i was like, why do they need 2 studios to animate something so simple, backgrounds, frames and color used were pretty light and could have been done by one studio.The quality is pretty low for 2007 standards, since others can make even better animations in that year and they dont need 2 studios to do so. But the OVA did had a massive improvement with the quality, the backgrounds are better, frames are more fluid and colors are somewhat more vivid. But quality is still pretty low for 2009 standards. But since this show dont need much quality, Imma just let it pass, but if they can make use of both studios capabilities, the show will definitely be more attractive and wont hide inside my closet all the time. Character designs are excellent, especially the facial expressions, it has a pretty wide variety and very dramatically comedic.

Music are all pretty upbeat especially the OVAs. Nothing much to complain, I love them all.

VAs are a list of pretty cute people. Mizushima Takahiro, Momoi Haruko, Kuwakami Natsuko, Koyasu Takehiro, Nogawa Sakura, Ono Daisuke, Kitamura Eri, Namikawa Daisuke, Kaneda Tomoko, Tsunematsu Ayumi. I love them all, but I think I love Nogawa Sakura and Kuwakami Natsuko, their versatility in their roles is seriously pretty well done.

Best girl?? I love Shiranui Akeno. She’s damn innocent actually, omg, she in maid suit is just amazing. *huff puff*


Story: 8/10 (anime), 8.5/10 (OVAs)

Art: 6.5/10 (anime), 7/10 (OVAs)

Music: 8/10 (anime), 8.5/10 (OVAs)

VAs: 8/10

Highly recommended. If you dont mind animation qualities, and you want to get killed by the comedy, go ahead, watch them all in a marathon fashion, you will have fun.


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