100 views today special post: Anime Studios Performance Analysis 2015


I was on my way back home from binge eating (check my insta for more details), so i went offline for a few hours and BOOM, my views skyrocketed and also gained a few followers in the process. So i decided to wrote somemore!

The Ups


Silver Link (Yuru Kuma Arashi, Chaos Dragon, Non Non Biyori Repeat, Fate/Kaleid 2wei Herz, Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry, Shomin Sample, Anti-Magic Academy, 35th Test Platoon)

One of the most versatile studios to date. Most admirable scenes are definitely their combat scenes, no matter how busy they are, they can still do a wonderful job out of it. Fluid frames and vivid colors, and with majority of their works directed Onuma Shin, you will always laugh till you stop breathing, guaranteed.


Kyoto Animation (Hibike! Euphonium)

Even tho they only made one this year, but their consistent quality over the years proved that they can always stay on top. Their character designs and animations are always top-notched and their regular directors also never fail to entertain you every time.


Ufotable (Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Budget Blade Works, God Eater)

As always, they have to stay up there, never seen such fluid scenes in years, and use handdrawn most of the time, i rarely see 3DCG scenes in their shows, proving their worth.

The Right-In-The-Middle


Madhouse (One Punch Man, Ore Monogatari, Death Parade, Overlord)

They sometimes hit the spot, they sometimes miss damn badly. One of the most unstable studios of all time so far for me, its like playing Black Jack with this studio, whether to watch or just not watch. Tends to make me use people as guinea pigs if i ever watch their shows.

220px-xebec_studio_logo-svgXebec (Triage X, To Love-ru Darkness 2nd, Soukyuu no Fafner: EXODUS)

Another one of those unstable ones, they can hit or miss both the storylines and the animations also. They can get kinda biased with their shows, budget and effort-wised. Also make me use guinea pigs often.


Shaft (Nisekoi:, Koufuku Graffiti)

They made Shinbo Akiyuki looked pretty horrible now, compared to Onuma Shin, who was once his assistant director back when Silver Link have not started work yet. The source material they pick up tend to be very challenging to adapt even for someone like him, making him show his limits already. They also tend to be OVEREXCESSSIVE with their backgrounds and sometimes even the character designs, but this year i would say its better. Nisekoi: is now under control and Koufuku Graffiti is pretty much normal. I admit their qualities should make them get better scores, but the animation techniques they used tends to turn me off and makes me wonder if im watching for the show for the storyline or just visually.

The Downs


Production IMS (Shinmai Maou no Testament/Burst, Castle Town Dandelion)

One of the most unstable and hated studio of all time, they can make decent ones and then make amazingly shitty ones. I nicknamed this studio the “Sequel Killer”, for what they did to Sora no Otoshimono and Date A Live. Until now i still is wary of this studio and apparently Shinmai is actually pretty good. Maybe they can redeem themselves next year? Idk, but im still blacklisting this studio.


Gonzo (Sore ga Seiyuu!)

Yup, this, they butchered a lot of shows. They cut short Sore ga Seiyuu by 3 eps, killing many other adaptations in recent years also.


Pierrot (Tokyo Ghoul√A, Re-Kan)

Both are them are pretty much classified butchered. This studio is just like what it is, a clown, play tricks out of my feels. I hope they dont bother adapt Tokyo Ghoul :re, if it ever happens.

The Rising Ones


Lerche (Assassination Classroom, Gakkou Gurashi, Monster Musume, Rampo Kitan)

Considered new in the industry, established in 2011 but their portfolio is pretty legit already. Animation quality is above average already. Will keep a lookout for of their shows.


White Fox (Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka??, Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen)

They started pretty much the same time period as Silver Link, but was not able to keep up with the latter. They took the step-by-step method and now, boom, portfolio filled with pretty legit shows. Animation standards are also above average and they kept on improving. Will look forward to more of their shows.


Seven Arcs (Dog Days)

Like their portfolio, they always make sure that their show is always better than their previous, but so far, they did a good job keeping that standard. Not much to say since i know them for Dog Days, Trinity Seven and Nanoha. But will look forward to more of their shows if any.

This topic can be pretty debatable and subjective, but i decided to praise/rant about them anyways.

What about yours? Any studios you love/hate this year? Write down in the comments below!


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