Uguu~~~: Kanon


Good evening… its midnight here for me, and i didnt have much to do so i intend to do some Key stuff today… Clannad is coming after this one.

I will be covering the KyoAni ver for this one as i think Toei didnt give enough justice for this one, wasting my time if i wrote both vers.

Originated from an Eroge, one of my personal favs also. The anime splitted into 2 vers, one from Toei, the other from KyoAni. Toei did a mediocre job with their 13 eps and OVA, while KyoAni took the effort and adapted it into 24 eps. Of course go for the KyoAni ver.

Storyline is really lighthearted, but it was really meaningful, they managed to blend both feels and comedy into one really well, they know when to hit the spot perfectly. The separate character arcs were blended really well like how they did for Air, so it doesnt feel episodic. They managed to pick up where they ended and managed to sometimes do flashbacks really well, so it feels like the previous characters were never forgotten, and will always be remembered. The comedy can really ease the melancholic feeling well, so you wont feel depressed right when you have 10+ eps to go. The ending wasnt really that feely but it was very meaningful and touching. That ending also wraps up everything nicely so the urge for more is really low since it was a really happy ending. Ishihara Tatsuya a genius, no doubt, one of the best directors in KyoAni. Uguu might be my next tagline.

Art is done by the-one-and-only KyoAni. Character designs were spot-on and boosted the cute elements a lot. Quality is also decent. Toei should feel damn ashamed.

Music is damn good. OP and ED matched pretty well.

VAs is a list of damn fine people. Sugita Tomokazu, Horie Yui, Koda Mariko, Iizuka Mayumi, Sato Akemi, Tamura Yukarin, Minaguchi Yuko, Kuwasumi Ayako, Kawakami Tomoko, Sakamoto Maaya, Seki Tomokazu, Nojima Kenji. Using Tomokazu as MC was a terrific decision, his voice is really suitable for the job, but they could have gotten Kamiya Hiroshi as Kuze instead, thats one of the flaws they had, but it isnt that major since Kenji did his best also.

Tsukimiya Ayu has totally stolen my heart… Uguu…


Story: 9/10

Art: 9/10

Music: 8/10

VAs: 8/10

Highly recommended, just skip the Toei one since its a lower quality video and also plot has a lot of loopholes. One of the best from KyoAni.

Clannad coming up.



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