5k views special: Top 10 Loli anime you should soak yourself into.

Good afternoon! Just reached 5k last week, and realized it last night. It was 3am when i realized it and was listening to a hilarious podcast, so decided to do it now instead. Well, better late than never!


Without furthur ado, lets start~~~

10. A-Channel


Review Here

This might be one of the most highest quality loli show i ever watched so far. But it tends to make me feel that they way they animate is pretty excessive and pretty inconsistent, sometimes you get a few minutes of overdramatic and fluid movements and it just that few minutes. Then i got me wondering, if you wanna do that, might as well pull off a Shaft and do the entire series instead. Well i think budget constraints and also since Studio Gokumi isnt really that famous for making such high quality stuff so i just leave it as that. Storyline is pretty well done, but you would not want more of it because the storyline wrapped pretty well. OVAs did the job well, but i feel that the OVAs anime quality dropped a bit. Low score probably the overexcessive animations when they are not needed, or maybe the way the storyline just goes downwards progressively.

Loli meter: 4/10

9. Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko


Review Here

Some might not see this coming, but this show does have some loli elements, just look at the both of them. This is also one of the high quality anime i ever watched for lolis but J.C.Staff managed to keep it consistent. Nice OP, nice ED, terrific VAs. But it feel very short for a 12ep anime and no OVAs. But they managed to squeeze quite a few arcs inside it so it doenst really feel like its lacking anything. The ending felt like there should have been more and i need another season for this. It was a legitly good ride and enjoyed it a lot. Low score due to it having not enough lolis and loli isnt the main subject of the anime.

Loli Meter: 5/10

8. Kodomo no Jikan


This one might be one of the most sexual offensive loli anime i ever watched. The storyline is pretty messed up but as in sexual jokes everywhere type of messed up. It slowly loses it charm and because pretty bland and predictable. Quality is pretty ok for a 2007 anime but it felt pretty short even the tons of OVAs didnt help. But i would say its not bad already. Its quite indie so many people i talk to dont know that such an anime exists. Its gonna be pretty controversial if i say whether i like this anime so imma just leave it a secret. Ok ok, this is my guilty pleasure.

Loli meter: 5/10

7. Mitsudomoe


I would say this is the better and cleaner ver of Kodomo no Jikan. This one can be pretty controvesial also. Sexual jokes were curbed, but the jokes were mostly boobs. 13 eps felt really short and the 8 ep second season cannot continue the comedy that the first season had. But overall its not bad and you will enjoy it. Maybe my other guilty pleasure. VAs cast list might come to a surprise for you guys. Quality is only like ok for a 2011 but could have been better.

Loli Meter: 5.5/10

 6. Tantei Opera Milky Holmes


This one is pretty decent and also the longest lasting loli anime and still ongoing. The loli feel might not be strong for this one but you will slowly feel it after watching a few eps. Anime quality is quite questionable but they slowly improved it after each season which is good. Storyline can be pretty out-of-proportion and quite episodic but slowly you will get the hang of it.

Loli Meter: 5.5/10

Finally the halfway mark… whew.

5. Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?


I really felt damn stupid for dropping it the first time i watched it. But when i decided to watch it again. Quality is pretty legit. Storyline is pretty slice of life and episodic but it is damn enjoyable. The comedy is seriously something else, can be out-of-context or out-of-proportion, but it is always entertaining.  SYARO/SHARO I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Loli Meter: 6/10

4. Log Horizon


Can be pretty unexpected also, but Akatsuki is enough to slay quite a lot of other kids. I havent finished watching yet so cant really give a review yet. Sorry~~~

Loli Meter: 6/10

3. Kiniro Mosaic


Review of First Season Here

One of the most enjoyable and disappointing loli anime of all time. Season 1 pulled me in, then Season 2 rejected me. Storyline doesnt really pick up but there is a lot of character development until it became stagnant after season 2 started. But overall its was a good ride and i will always welcome another season.

Loli Meter: 7/10

2. Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara


Review here

This one will also knock you off your guard. Even tho i gave a pretty bad review about this but i decently love their personalities a lot. Character designs can be up to personal preference. But overall i kinda like it a lot after rewatching it a few times. You guys might not feel the loli but soon you will, if you watch enough. Best trap ever.

Loli Meter: 7/10

1. Black Bullet


Review Here

One of de best. Combining loli, lolicon, guns, combat and a sword-welding girl into one perfect package. Animation quality is pretty good and the character designs were very well done also. Comedy is also well blended and the combat scenes were well animated. Kisara is seriously damn attractive. But overall felt damn short and i need more of this.

Loli Meter: 10/10

Honorable Mentions

Air, Kanon, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, Gakkou Gurashi, Kanamemo, Little Busters, Lucky Star, No Game No Life, Wakaba Girl, Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai.


This is a pretty up to me standard type of loli rankings. So expect some disagreements and comments but hey, its up to your own personal preference.

Lemme see if i have anything more to write, since im a few post away to 200 and will most probably post another special post.



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