Love & Hate: Nagi no Asukara / With a bit self-reflection

Good evening~ Finally done with this one, it made my week felt damn worth well.

Anime original, lasted for 26 eps.

I would actually say that this one kinda awaken the previous me which i buried years ago, the negative feels keep coming.


The story picks up pretty slowly, one of the reasons why i dropped it the first time. The slice of life lasted for pretty much 6 eps and it keeps bringing out the grudge between the land and sea humans, felt that it was pretty childish. Then it became serious as the Sending festival is coming, and its gonna be big as the sea people will fall into hibernation also, thats when the seriousness picks up and then the confessions starts to come in. After that, they entered into hibernation except for Chisaki, we time travelled to 5 years later, where the winter kept on continuing non stop and the sea humans havent wake up yet. Everyone just grew 5 years older, Everything at that point onwards became so serious it starts to screw up my emotions. With Hikari, then Kaname and then Manaka awaken, i thought it will lighten the mood, but it didnt, as Kaname’s feelings for Chisaki still remains and starting to cause a shitstorm as the love triangle develops, for a period of time, until he realized that she likes Tsumugu so much, that he decided to move on and give up on her. This part kinda saddens me a lot, i will tell you why a bit later. Then more shit happens as Manaka lost some of her memories because of the consequences of being a sacrifice leading her to lose the ability to love again. This also saddens me. Then more letting go and confessions and new found love, somewhat lightens the mood a bit. Everyone ended pretty happily as all the sea humans finally awaken from their 5 year long slumber.

The storyline is seriously a fucked up roller coaster, it kinda reflects on my life quite a bit, so when the feels come, i can actually understand it completely and leading my screwed up emotions. After the 2nd OP came, it just cant stop watching, always eager to have free time to continue watching the show until the very end, adddictive. I thought it was going to be happy and comedy, until the shit happens and the feels keep overflowing, even the ending didnt really bring up my emotions. Excellent work. Ending was well wrapped, another season is not required anymore, at least for me.

Artwork and Animation

Art is done by P.A.Works, and they didnt disappoint, in fact its one of the best i have ever seen. Just look at it!

Look at how fluid it is… Its like a goddamn movie.

Really, its damn eye-pleasing, the colors and outlines and frames are all damn perfect, unique in its own way. Nothing much to comment about, just see for yourself.


For the music, its damn perfect. OPs sang by Ray and EDs sang by Yanagi Nagi.

Happy at first…


After this OP, it is where my emotions starts to stir, the song really reflects the feels and seriousness of the anime at that point of time.


The ED both are pretty sad already.



The BGMs are pretty awesome too, especially when the atmosphere gets feely and serious, it does it job pretty nicely…


The VAs cast list is pretty awesome too. Hanae Natsuki, HanaKana, Kayano Ai, Osaka Ryota, Ishikawa Kaito, Komatsu Mikako, Ishihara Kaori, Nazuka Kaori, Ishigami Shizuka, Majima Junji, Endo Aya, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, Kubo Yurika, Hayama Ikumi, Hayami Saori. All of them are well done, but Hikari is horrible, Natsuki still did a good job.

Best girl? Obviously Chisaki.


Story: 9/10

Art: 9.5/10

Music: 9/10

VAs: 8.5/10

Highly recommended to watch, ALL IN ONE GO. Yes, marathon method. And my post doesnt just end here

So, this is kinda of a special section just for this anime, the so-called “a bit of self-reflection” section

Honorable Mention: Isaki Kaname

Why? Its really like looking at a mirror.

Always at the sidelines, having a crush.

Didnt take much action, always being the most mature… Ah, it kinda hurts just looking at him.

I suffered the same fate as him.

I really hope there is someone in my life who is like Sayu…

And he really asked a very good question

And then it hit me… quite hard.

Imma leave you guys hanging now, i will post a story tomorrow, a real life story, about me.

7 responses to “Love & Hate: Nagi no Asukara / With a bit self-reflection

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  6. You’ve got some intense reflections with this show, which makes me smile. Not in a comedic way, but in a joyous one. I do hope you find your Sayu, as I’m positive she’s out there! Great review on this touching drama of the sea. 🙂

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