Soy Flour Bread: Date A Live (Rewrite from scratch)

Good morning… So sorry i didnt post anything for a month…The month been too busy for me. But hey, im back.

This one will replace my previous post to include the S1 Director’s Cut, S2 extended BDs and Mayuri Judgement (yes i watched the movie already)

LN origin by Tachibana Koshi, illustrated by Tsunako, 11volumes and still ongoing. Anime lasted for 2 seasons, 12 eps and 10 eps, 2 OVAs and a movie… Patiently waiting for S3.


When i first watched this back then with the TV ver, I instantly fell in love. The BD then the Director’s Cut came. The Director’s Cut addition scenes are pretty well done especially the extended Yoshino’s fanservice scene. The story did became better because of the extended scenes and so it became more enjoyable. Storyline is damn nice, as its unique and the harem isnt as generic. 12 eps just right

As i watched S2’s TV ver and then BDs, the story didnt change much and its pretty minimal, or maybe it isnt as obvious as S1. The storyline still is pretty well done but they could not reproduce the quality they did for S1 even tho they had the same staff for both seasons except for the studio.

The OVAs are both pretty well done but they go different directions. OVA1 goes the hilarious and facepalm route while OVA2 goes the more serious and feely route. If i were to choose, i would choose OVA2.

As for the movie, as many people know, its an original story conceived by Tachibana Koshi. I was pretty wary about it. But still decided to watch it because Kotori, Tohka asked me to… *wink*

Watched it yesterday and IT WAS AWESOME. The comedy exceeds S1 and S2 combined and the dates of all the girls are entertaining in their own ways. One tiny flaw is that 72 minutes is too short, they could have done more, hopefully the BD does extend it by at least a good 20-30 mins. But weirdly 72 mins dont feel like it, it felt pretty long. *cant give anymore details because spoilers will start*


One of their major assets. Season 1 had AIC PLUS+ and Season 2 and the movie had Production IMS. S1 is just stunning, the character designs, the colors they used and the combat scenes are all well done. As for S2 onwards, it went downhill, a lot. The character design isnt as good as AIC and the colors they used tend to be slightly oversaturated and then it became unpleasing to the eyes. The artwork is seriously horrible, its like Twintails all over again. They cannot reproduce the cuteness that AIC brought. Even the combat scenes are proving that they are actually struggling to keep up with the standards. But the movies took a weird turn as the quality went back up, even the 3DCG is more enjoyable now, finally investing more budget, but it would still be a lot better if AIC PLUS+ did this.


All the OPs are done by sweet ARMS and ED varies. Nomizu Iori sang all the EDs for S1, Sadohara Kaori for S2… Movie ED is sang by sweet ARMS.


The VA list is pretty legit. Shimazaki Nobunaga, Zogo Saeko, Inoue Marina, Nomizu Iori, Togashi Misuzu, Taketatsu Ayana, Sanada Asami, Uchida Maaya, Sarah Emi Bridcutt, Chihara Minori, Endo Aya, Koyasu Takehito, Akesaka Satomi, Misato, Ito Shizuka, Sadohara Kaori and Amamiya Sora. All of them well done. Inoue Marina opened a new door of Tsundere with her role, her voice for Tohka is just amazing.

Besto girl spirits? Tohka, Yuzuru and Kotori. Origami most hated girl of all time.


Story: 9/10 (S1 DC), 8.5/10 (OVA1), 8.5/10 (S2), 9/10 (OVA2), 9.5/10 (Movie)

Art: 9/10 (S1), 7.5/10 (S2), 8.5/10 (Movie)

Music: 8.5/10 (S1), 8/10 (S2), 9/10 (Movie)’

VAs: 9/10 (S1, S2), 9.5/10 (Movie)

Highly recommended to watch them all, especially when you are in need of cute, dense girls.

Yeap, this wraps it up. Will try to post more often.

4 responses to “Soy Flour Bread: Date A Live (Rewrite from scratch)

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  3. WET BLANKET ALERT: Origami is the freakin worst. I agree. I’m glad the movie was good to you. Most anime movies that already have a series tend to go down, but an up surprises me. Perhaps I should check out the rest of what this franchise had to offer, seeing as how I only watched the first. #teamtohka

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