When i thought it was over: Liebster Award Nomination

Good evening~ Just got my next nomination yesterday and now finally had the time to write it.

Most of you guys know the rules so imma skip them and answer the questions right away.

What got you in the anime world?

It was my cousin, back in 2002 when Gundam Seed was hyping back then. That brought me into this wonderful dimension

What’s your favorite fight scene ever in anime?

I have quite a few.

and some Fate Kaleid scenes also.

Do you read manga? What kind?

Yup. Namely Romance Comedy. RomCom God for a reason

What anime do you feel like is underrated?

I would say the Tamako series, both Market and Love Story. Not many people have heard of it so far and when i wrote my review quite a few people where actually surprised that such an anime existed. The art, the comedy, the romance, the storyline are all pretty good. KyoAni i worship you.

And which one is overrated for you?

Naruto, OP, Fairy Tail, Bleach and all the 3-4 digits ep count animes that im lazy to list.

Did you ever cosplay? Would you like to try?

No. Nah, i rather enjoy looking people cosplay than me cosplaying instead

Do you read manga? If so, do you prefer reading manga or watching anime?

Yup. Anime, it provides more depth than manga if properly executed. For example School Rumble, Erementar Gerad.

Dogs or cats?

My title pic proves everything. Neko.

What’s your secret addiction?

Hmm… Do i really have to reveal? Well, no choice.

Collecting figures… yup, even if its limited edition or overpriced, i will still buy them.

If you could change one thing in your daily life, what would it be?

Hmm, I would love to get out of my military service, and go back to study.

Do you have a project that you wish will be realized one day?

Hmm… No… Because projects can be massive or small, so its hard for me to actually do a project.

I ran out of people to nominate so imma just keep it like this.

Ok thats pretty much it.

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