What happened for the past 18days while i was gone

You guys might wanna know what i did while i was completely away… so i decided to write this post.

Where did you go?

Some of you guys know that im currently in the army serving my mandatory National Service, im currently have 1 year left to go, and because of that, i have to go to Brunei to receive some training.

What did you do there?

Training, like i said. Mostly outfield, or should i say all of it. Yeah.

How was it?

It.Was.Hell.On.Earth. if its about the training. But as for the rest, the accomdation wasnt that bad, nice beds, nice bunk. And you get to see a wonderful scenery in the day. Food at the cookhouse was decent, but pretty unstable. The canteen offerred better food, but need $$, and we dont get to go there often so… yeah. There is internet there, but it is virtually useless. The camp i stayed was pretty small also, so its pretty easy to get around. Training-wise, it can get really physically, psychologically and mentally exhausting, to the point you can just enter Wonderland in a matter of seconds, the training also made our bunk feels like heaven. The weather is damn fucked up. It gets up to 39C and ridiculously humid in the day and then rain in the late afternoon till night and then drop to 24C at night, i was surprised i didnt caught a cold or fever even after all that rather huge fluctuation of climate. It was irritating.

Day-by-day level of the things you do there.

Day 0: After a bad flight, a ridiculously long ferry ride and another horrid bus ride later, we reach the camp. Dont ask, it was all horrible, not biased.

Day 1-2: should i say its like the adjustment phase, we pretty much did some admin stuff and not vigorous things as they want us to acclimatize with the climate and level of workload we are going to expect in our 18days stay there.

Day 3: And my first outfield comes, Jungle Walk. Sounds normal, but actually its a really long, dangerous and exhaustive walk as they want us to get used to their terrain. It was supposed to end there, but my Company Sergeant Major (CSM) decided to add some more training, Ridgeline fighting. As some you guys know, im actually a Platoon Medic, so this is pretty irrelevant to me, so my Platoon Commander (PC) decided that i be the enemy instead. Fired a few blanks, had a bit of fun, and its over. Then clean my rifle for awhile then i prepare for my next exercise, pretty on the ball. Then sleep.

Day 4-6: Then my next exercise came, Ex Nomad. A 3D2N navigation exericise deep inside a random Bruneian jungle, we need to find 4 checkpoints, 1 mid point and 1 endpoint, but 2checkpoints is enough to pass, so we definitely chose that option. It was fun, even tho i can be very physical demanding. Sleeping on a hammock for the first time, it was like a bright light in a dark box. We bashed ravines, spurs a lot even tho my PC assured us that he will try to avoid bashing and walk on ridgelines instead, but sometimes it was inevitable. It takes us an 1hour plus to finish walking 1.6km, on the map, so that means if we were to stick onto the ridgeline, it would have been longer, as we might get lost and also sometimes require more navigating, but even if we were to bash, it would only be a bit faster, but it will be VERY physically straining. You have no idea how steep the ravine was, at one point i had to use pure arm strength, gripping onto trees just to climb up. Imagine you, with your bulletproof vest, and 3days worth of supplies in your backpack, climbing ravines after ravines, im surprised that i managed to survive. My detail was first to finish and we got a pretty long canteen break as a reward from our Battalion Commanding Officer (CO). It was worth it after all.

Day 7: River crossing. I fell out, so cant write much.

Day 8-9: Sawmill Package, its a 2D1N training at a random sawmill about how to fight on ridgelines, frontal assault, chopper guidance and how to force or silent breach when there is barbed wire getting in the way. I was there just to watch, and as a medic, i have to provide medical cover for them if they ever get injured during the train. So i just followed and relaxed pretty much the entire thing. 2nd day was a platoon level attacking, i have to carry my medical stores and run with them, you have no idea how strenous it was.

Day 10-11: 2 rest days before the real hell comes. I slept whenever i can, wherever i can. And the 2 days blast damn quick.

Day 12-16: The hell and final obstacle we are waiting for, Ex Buaya. Its a hell-leveled 5D4N, with a lot of obstacles with 2 offenses.

Day 1, we took a chopper and “insert” into a secluded area and then climbed a mountain in one day. That night was hell as it was ridiculously cold, since im on a mountain, it gets worse. Cant really sleep, ugh.

Day 2, descend from the mountain, sounds easy, but fuck. Your legs will work as brakes till your “brake pads” wears off, which means you cant even stop at all, you can only slow down at most, my legs legitly turned jelly that day. That night the shelter was better but below my back was a rock, so it was painful af… Another suckish sleep night.

Day 3, it was their first offensive, it lasted for 45mins and i ran around with all my stuff and for the past 2 days it was that heavy so you can imagine me running from cover to cover. My most exhausted day ever had, panting like a dog for 15mins plus. The sleep that night was definitely better, the terrain was flat, but it drizzled for 2 hours before i sleep so i cant sleep, and i had defense duty for 1 hour that night, after all that, i slept at 11 and woke up at 5, another low quality night.

Day 4, river crossing. Wet and heavy then after that, had to climb 7Knolls, omg, hell. The night was ok, but i didnt have a shelter and also it was damn cold at night, so didnt sleep much again, ugh.

Day 5, last day and it was my birthday, everyone is so motivated and many burst during the fight, and it lasted for over an hour due to its rather huge area covered. A medics job is never easy, they can only rest only after treating the wounded, which is like 15-30mins after the battle, ugh. But hey, last day, so never mind. We also had a Change-Of-Command parade as we changed our Company Officer Commanding (OC). Then a lot of post-admin stuff. In the end, no one sang a Happy Birthday song to me, i sang it to myself in the morning, i feel so pitiful

Day 17: More admin, but more motivated as it was Rest-and-Relax the next day

Day 18: Rest-and-Relax. And also shows how poorly developed the country is, even tho they are rich af. Went to a museum, then took a look at the water village, became guest of someone’s house and then finally “The Mall”. The Mall is the only shopping complex in the entire country, and the only thing relevant was only the cinema and arcade. Period. Lunch and Dinner were all buffets and i wacked hard on the food, till i nearly puked. After all those training, my stomach shrunk a lot and i cant eat as much as i used to. After all that im back home.

Yeah this pretty much sums up my 18 day MIA report. Imma post something tomorrow, im currently chasing 3 weeks worth of shows and its like a never ending list.

As for the nominations spam, imma try to do it now… be back later

3 responses to “What happened for the past 18days while i was gone

  1. Jesus Crist. Shit. F*ck. And here I was thought I was having it rough with 7 hour sleeps and homework all day. For you to stick it through like that is honorable, though, and I’m glad you made it back (safely) from training.
    And even though nobody might have celebrated your birthday there, I saved you a huge slice of cake from mine 😉 They’re special days that are meant to be celebrated with friends, and that’s something that I strictly live by.
    Happy to have you back buddy. We’ve missed you

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Man, that sounds like hell.
    I wanted to join the army too after I finished high school. I somehow ended up not doing so. Right now, I’m glad for that. :)))

    Liked by 1 person

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