Paradise~ : The entire Grisaia francise

Good evening~ Its been a long time since i last posted, so i decided to post 3 titles at once…

All are VNs made by Front Wing, in fact one of the best francise ever existed for me. The VNs are also the longest i ever played… took me a month to finish Kajitsu alone. I really love all the VNs, but as for the anime adaptation, i get mixed feelings about it, due to its pretty lazy nature of adapting it.


  • Kajitsu

The first of the series, at first the VN felt pretty bland and slice of life to me, then slowly, the plot thickens, atmosphere gotten serious, then plot twists, gore and conspiracy starts to form. Overall, all the routes have their bad and good ends, all of them had very heavy feels, especially the good ends, as they really gives off a happily ever after feel with a serious touch to the heart.

As for the anime, i can tell that they are trying to combine all the routes into one, but they kinda do it wrongly, 13eps wasnt enough, so they rushed it so heavily and excluded many tiny but crucial details from the VN. And their way of writing it is pretty stupid as they deviate from the VN so heavily that i really dont know how to feel for the anime. Ending didnt make sense and rushing here and there. To conclude, its horrible.

  • Meikyuu

The most rushed and laziest adaptation i ever seen. Action-packed without much depth and meaning. Squeezing an 30hour worth VN into a 47min mini movie. What they can actually do is extend the length to like maybe 1.5 – 2 hrs long. A lot of missing puzzles which you can only fully understand in the VN. Nothing much to say, its still pretty horrible

  • Rakuen

Was very wary about this one, since its only 10eps and its a 30hour VN. But i think this actually saved the francise. The storyline picked up a lot, changing my impression. its touching, like really, a fateful reunion. But the ending is pretty short but not rushed, and it raises more questions and makes it overall feel pretty incomplete.


All done by 8-bit, quality isnt bad, but in fact, they progressively improve over time. The action scenes were pretty well done, and the 3DCG really reminds me of IS already. Character design took me sometime to get used to as the VN had better visuals, even tho Watanabe Akio is still in charge of it. But slowly, their cuteness return and im in love again


The BGMs are exactly the same as what the VN had, and they are pretty good themselves, but it kinda proves how lazy they are. OP were all pretty attractive, but sometimes i feel that the VN had better. ED were also pretty good.


Pretty legit list. Sakurai Takahiro, Suwa Ayaka, Mizuhashi Kaori, Tagichi Hiroko, Tanaka Ryoko, Shimizu Ai, Tamiyasu Tomoe, Tomonaga Akane, Narumi Erika, Yanase Natsumi… a lot to list. Well, Tamiyasu Tomoe is damn talented, and the rest did their job well, so nothing much to write about.

Besto gurl

Definitely Amane, hands down. Makina not my type of loli and Michiru is a fakeass tsun.


Story: 6/10 (K), 6.5/10 (M), 8.5/10 (R)

Art: 8-9/10

Music: 8/10 (K), 8/10 (M), 9/10 (R)

VAs: 8.5/10

Overall its a long ride but it wasnt all that bad. Play the VN before watching as quite a lot of details has been omitted out.

Recommended? not really, as this really depends on the person’s taste.

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