Love should be in the curriculum: Love Lab

Good evening… Might be my last post for the week.

Originated from a manga and its still ongoing with current 10volumes. The anime only had a season of 13 eps with no OVAs.

The story is nice and lighthearted. But it does pull off a few plot twists that some might or might not expect. It sometimes feel pretty out-of-nowhere which kinda knocks off people’s guards and cause major laughter. The ride progresses smoothly and slots in more new characters all at the right timing without causing any interruptions with the pacing of the show. This show sometimes might cause some misunderstanding as it does have a stench of yuri feels, but actually its not, its like a facade. They are actually targeting men instead of women. Nearing the end of the series, the feels did climax a bit but isnt that high to cause any tears, but in the end its still a happy ending, but leaves people hanging, you might want to see more of those gags and out-of-nowhere methods of love. I love it a lot, didnt had such a laughing fest in ages.

Art is done by Dogakobo. Quality is pretty high, on par with what Plastic Memories and GJ-bu had offered. Frames are pretty smooth and well done, colors are vivid and lines are crisp, 2013 standards met.

Music is a mixed bag, it does get addictive in the beginning, but it does get bland pretty fast, after a few eps, you might want to skip them, it applies to both the OP and ED.

VAs are a list of pretty decent people. At first when i seen the cast list back in 2013, i felt that they were inferior since they are all pretty new back then and did not even have their own Wiki page, so i felt that they are actually too new for the job, but now, since i know them better, i changed my impression of them… They actually did their job damn well, even tho its one of their debut roles. But was a bit disappointed as the drama CD cast were A LOT better since it featured a lot of veterans like Kugimiya Rie, Horie Yui etc etc.


Story: 8.5/10

Art: 8/10

Music: 6/10

VAs: 8/10

Highly recommended, you will not be disappointed. I repeat, THIS IS NOT YURI.

5 responses to “Love should be in the curriculum: Love Lab

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  2. Hey, It`s Chrissy again. Mirror.

    I actually had time to watch this series during it`s airing in Summer of 2013? Was it?
    It`s such a nice thing to that they are actually a moe with a strong moving plot & actually set-out to do as they say.

    You`re absolutely correct MirrorPurple. It does a well-job at the closing of the series not a powerful one though. That`s a great note, Mirror.

    Yes, indeed Mirror. This series is funny! Real hilarious.

    Art & animation I didn`t know was done by DogaKobo, thanks again Purple. DogaKoba is perhaps the most vibrant & fluid animators of our time. Also accompanied by the series Directors & cinematographers. DogaKoba: “Yuruyuri”, 2015 Summer`s “Himouto Umaru-Chan”, and recent-hit “Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun”.) Correct again, MirrorPurple. Frames, & color-job is a huge strike of power for “Love-Lab”.

    I Can`t hardly tell when a Japanese is bad at voice-acting. Unless it`s blatant, you got a good ear.

    Real nice post on “Love-Lab”!

    Chrissy.C Of

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