A bit pointless: Glasslip

Good night (?), a late night review post. Kinda pointless for this, but since its nighttime, so why not.

Its an original anime production, as usual, the wary feeling comes in. Thank god its only 13eps.

The story is a mixed bag. At first its pretty serious, so hoping for some serious romance, because of the impression it gave me so far for like 3/4 of the anime. The monotonous and slow moving plot may turn off many people, but for me, maybe im patient enough, managed to last long enough to finish the show. Why most people might sleep because of the massive amount of classical music is playing. The show progressed pretty flatly until the ending that really pisses a lot of people off. Rushed, and leaving more questions than giving answers, mystery here and there, when we pretty much is sure that they would not continue the serious. Overall the ride is too smooth until when it drops, it landslides massively.

Art is done by P.A.Works, quality is pretty wasted for this anime as this didnt needed much quality, in fact it feels like they wasted a lot of budget till they cant write a proper story. Quality is even better than Angel Beats, Shirobako… Level might be the same as Charlotte.

Music is a mixed-bag. OP was nice and lighthearted, ED didnt make sense and the vocals sound like a duck, and the BGMs might make most people doze off.

VAs is a list from really new newbies to seriously experienced veterans. Fukagawa Seria, Osaka Ryota, Hayami Saori, Shimazaki Nobunaga, Taneda Risa, Yamashita Daiki, Toyama Nao, Kayano Ai, Tanaka Atsuko, Miki Ito, Nishimura Tomomichi. The newbies did their job decently and the veterans pretty much show them how its done.

Best gurl? none. All of them are equal, but they are not irritating.


Story: 6/10

Art: 8.5/10

Music: 6/10

VAs: 8.5/10

Overall, it felt pointless to finish the show. But the romance is pretty sweet tho.

Not really recommended if you are going to watch this seriously. For casual watchers with incredible patience might be ok.

Will post more tomorrow…

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