Finally its here: Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma Liner Illya 2wei Herz


Just watched the first ep, even tho its nothing much, but i love it, cant wait for more eps. And the animation quality felt like it has improved a lot comparing with previous seasons. OP and ED might have dropped in scores for me, S2 had better music. BUT IlllyaXKuro AGAIN~~~~ YES YES YES. Then a harem happened, because Miyu might also be in love with Shiro also… Love… ermmmm Pentagon??? I kinda forgot, too many girls aiming for a guy. Judging from the OP, Illya gotten a lot more stronger now and i cant wait to see her in combat, and also proving Silver Link’s quality in terms of combat scenes, there will be a lot of eye popping and eye candy later on. And also a pity that there is only 10eps made for this season. Hopefully they can wrap up 2wei properly and then adapt 3rei.

Cant wait for more.

One response to “Finally its here: Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma Liner Illya 2wei Herz

  1. Let us always remember that it matters not in which series he is in, Assface Emiya will always be an ass. Oh and yay for another steamy kiss…even though there was another one in a previous OVA. This one is superior because it was televised.

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