A meaningful background with a messed up slice of life story: Kanamemo

Good afternoon again.

The manga ended quite awhile ago and it lasted for 6 volumes. Anime lasted for 13eps of a single season.

The story started from a sad background to a ridiculous turn of events. Started with Kana (MC) who lost her only kin, her grandmother, since she was an orphan as her parents got into an accident, causing her to lost them in a very early age. Then she lost her home and causing her to go out and look for a job and a new place to stay while she’s middle-schooler. She found a job at a newspaper delivery office. Over there, there is an elementary schooler assistant chief, 2 yuris who are dating, a girl who likes to gamble and invest (most probably the most normal girl in there), and a seriously yuri lolicon. Then it goes slice of life, with pretty epic twists and turns. Having to please her boss and also to avoid the lolicon, ahh the comedy is pretty epic. The ending is pretty lighthearted and most probably well wrapped, suppressing the thirst of a new season. Overall the ride is pretty nice and smooth. As for the yuri, its pretty much isolated to just the 2 of them only and not the entire cast so there isnt really much feel to it, so dont really consider it as yuri.

Art is done by feel. Decent job overall. But the character design took awhile to get used to. I dont know is it just me or they did improve the character design over time and it looks better and better slowly. Not much to comment as the quality is pretty ok for 2009 standards.

Music is pretty cute and happy, BGMs are also pretty well done too. Nothing much to say.

VAs are a list of veterans. Toyosaki Aki, Mizuhara Kaoru, Hirohashi Ryo, Endo Aya, Horie Yui, KitaEri, Kugimiya Rie, Takahashi Mikako. All of them did their job well, but Horie Yui voicing such a loli role is an eyeopener for me.

No best gurl here, cant find a reason to love them…


Story: 8.5/10

Art: 7/10

Music: 8/10

VAs: 9/10

Another recommended for me, for you guys who want loli, carry on, for yuri seekers, not really.

Another later.

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