The second coming of Shirobako: Sore ga Seiyuu!

Good afternoon~ Just watched 2 eps of this today. I love it, it really brings out the memories of me watching Shirobako. And the main heroine reminds me of Nagato Yuki.

So far so good, story attracts me a lot as i wanna know how’s the life of a rookie seiyuu. Comedy elements isnt really high but its still pretty entertaining on its own. But one of the good points they feature veteran seiyuus like so far ep1 Nozawa Masako and ep2 had Kamiya Hiroshi. Its gonna be a pretty nice Slice of Life for me. 14eps will be well worth.

Artwork done by Gonzo, was slightly disappointed, because was expecting more from them, they tend to waste effort on horrible shows and then neglect the shows that has a lot of potential. Comparing Kimi no Iru Machi and this, Gonzo really needs to know how to put priorities right.

Voices are done by mostly newbies, but excellent job from them so far. Adding veteran voices as features in each ep also brings a bit of entertainment.

Will enjoy this a lot, cant wait for more.

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