Im so lost: Classroom Crisis

Good afternoon, watched 3 eps of it, it was very deep, maybe because its an original production.

Story was entertaining at first, then slowly it goes downwards, and then dry and boring. The intro of the new character made the anime a very bad turn. Nothing much to write about, it was REALLY boring, might put this in my dropped list, sooner or later.

Artwork done by Lay-duce, produced by Aniplex, quality is pretty high, but a bit wasted since the story goes nowhere. Music is also damn good, and again wasted.

Voices ranges from newbies to veterans, Morikubo Shoutaro sound damn weird for his role and i cannot get used to it until now. The rest are fine i guess.

You guys can dont bother watching this, really never judge the anime by its title and artwork. It may look pretty attractive, but actually a trap.

One response to “Im so lost: Classroom Crisis

  1. It’s like the story’s only just begun after three episodes; until now all Sera’s done is been melodramatic about how he’s going to whoop Nagisa’s ass (before getting his own ass handed to him this week), a decision which I thought had been made the moment Nagisa had introduced himself. MC is slow, plot is slow, and now half the cast have left – did anyone catch their names? No?

    I’ll keep watching, but it’s turning into a big disappointment that might not survive for much longer on my schedule.

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