Parade-like: Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara (Gaworare/If Her Flag Breaks)

Good evening, since im on a spree, might as well i continue posting.

Originated from a LN, runs for 10 volumes and still continuing. The anime ran for 13 eps with an OVA.

Story was pretty ok in the beginning, taking it nice and slow. And then it slowly goes down, pulling off random stunts out of nowhere, thus making the ending felt very forced and abrupt. It felt very nice to watch, the ride was smooth and light-hearted, the abrupt change of pace really changed the way i watch the show and making hard for me to accept and digest. Good concept with an absolutely mediocre execution. The OVA is pretty much a reliever for that shit ending and its pretty much fanservice everywhere.

Art is done by Hoods, they also did Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai, Aki Sora. Was very wary of this studio and regretted pretty badly. The animation standards is pretty low for 2014 standards and could be improved. Also a bit unforgivable because Daitoshokan had better animation quality when this needed more. Another negative point.

Music is pretty nicely done, Yuki Aoi’s OP was pretty well done, and the ED was pretty catchy. But isnt enough to bring back the scores.

VAs is a portfolio of veterans, very experienced veterans. Osaka Ryota, Kido Ibuki, Kayano Ai, Asumi Kana, HanaKana, Hikasa Yoko, Suwa, Yuki Aoi, Tamura Yukarin, Toyosaki Aki, Tange Sakura, Kuno Misaki, Kakuma Ai, Nanri Yuuka, Hidaka Rina, Taneda Risa. All of them did excellent jobs even tho the anime is such a waste. Kayano Ai’s voice is a first for me, didnt hear such a cute voice in such a long time. Might be able to bring up the scores. HanaKana voices a trap again, yay, well done also.

Best gurl? Megumu, wait. Akane because of her personality, attitude and also her cute voice.


Story: 6.5/10

Art: 6/10

Music: 8/10

VAs: 9.5/10

Not recommended for serious watchers. But it isnt really generic, so you guys can give it a try.

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