Everything must come to an end: Spring 2015 wrap-up Part 2 and some added OVAs

Plastic Islaluvmepls Memories

Story overall was great, but i think i overexpected the feels, cant feel anything. Ending left quite a few things unanswered and we didnt get to see how the new partner looks like… sigh.


Gunslinger Stratos

Finally got the meaning of the series and the ending was pretty nice. But the combat scenes turned me off, why A-1?


Amagi Brilliant Park OVA

Pretty much a mini sequel, but i expected more laughs. The comedy didnt reach the standards of the anime, but at least we get one more ep of Amagi. The quality is still awesome.


Angel Beats

Expected a sequel, ended up returning back to when Yui is joining GirlDeMo. Comedy is ok, didnt hit as high as the anime, but it was alright. Quality is maintains the same standards as the original, but i also expected more since its already so many years later since the anime. Well, at least one more ep to soothe the depression.


Omg, i stopped posting music for so many weeks, imma start writing one now.

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