Everything has to come to an end: Spring 2015 wrap-up Part 1

im back, and watched a few last eps of this season already, and i think its time for me to wrap it up.

Hello! Kinloli Mosaic

Nothing much can be said for this, since there isnt a goal or anything in this series. But the ending pretty much turned out to be an anti-climatic happy ending for me.


Grisaia no Rakuen

Imma rewatch Kajitsu later, because Rakuen really saved the francise, they managed to pull it off. this is the first time i think 10eps is enough. Combat scenes are pretty nice and the frames can be improved a bit more. But the ending, it gave me a bit of feels, such a happy ending.



12 eps felt ok, but she failed to become an Etoshin, kinda see this coming, but i really hope for a season 2, i love it a lot. The ending was ok, but again, cliffhanger.


High School DxD

The series overall was pretty shit, but the ending gave me a bit of feels, as they kinda put Issei and Rias together now, and such a happy ending, with a feeling that there wont be any new season coming.


Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken

yes, i was watching this the whole time, due to its short eps, i dont have much material to write so… yeah. Ending was didnt give much answers and we did not see the baby… Hope for S3. But overall, still an enjoyable series.


Seraph of the End

ANTI-CLIMATIC, but still not an excuse since S2 coming in Oct.


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