Chara Expo 2015 Day 1- IM BLESSED [UPDATED]

Sorry for not posting for the past few days… was too freaking busy already…

And today, i went to Chara Expo~~~

And~~ guess what


I took Ayano Mashiro’s photo and~~~



I managed to get a meet-and-greet session with her just now also~

Went to her live concert also, and also Grisaia’s Special stage where Kurosaki Maon sang live too, but no photos allowed so i cant show you guys. AND I SAW KITTA IZUMI TOO~~~ AHHH.

Overall, i had fun, but you need a massive budget if you wanna enjoy even more, Bushiroad biggest booth as usual.

Thats all for Day 1, DAY 2 HERE I COME.

I most probably wont go as the schedule is nothing much going on and the interaction with the celebs are pretty hard too, and no photos part was a turn off, i understand no videography but at least let us take some photos… See how it goes. But if you guys who wanna meet up, maybe i might accept

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