Messed up and Amnesia-Toradora and Golden Time

Good evening, finally free to write stuff again… Sorry for leaving the page a ghost town for the past few weeks. I will try to invest more time to write stuff this week. So i decided to combine the both of them together since i didnt write much Cant guarantee tho.

Takemiya Yuyuko, one of the masters of Romance Comedy, the author of Golden Time and Toradora, both are LNs. She plays with your feels everytime, making it lively and nice at the beginning, then when the climax comes, it takes a tragic turn and then make you feel the heavy feels at the end, but still have a happy ending. Expert at combining comedy and seriousness into one combo. Even tho she’s a female, it seems like she knows how the male feels at the back of her hand.

Toradora runs for 10 volumes, and an anime of 25eps with an OVA, while Golden Time runs for 11 volumes and an anime of 24eps. Both of them made used of the anime to cover the entire series, which is i would say an excellent but risky move, because you need to avoid being too rushed to cram all the content into 2 cours…

Are there any similarities?


  • Same author
  • Same studio
  • Same format of how the anime runs
  • Horie Yui are in both of the animes.
  • Both have male demographics
  • Both are Romantic Comedy
  • Both are equally epic in their own ways

Then how are the both of them?

Will start with Toradora first, since its the senior out of the pair. The story is attracted me immediately due to its one-of-a-kind MC and very heavy Tsun female MC. It didnt feel very rushed, everything is at a proper pace without much heavy plot twist, or should i say it doesnt have any at all… Because the whole show is pretty much a go-with-the-flow type but the comedic gags are pretty legit and can cause pretty heavy laughter. The ending hits me a bit, its not as heavy as i expected, but still had a very nice ending. Overall, like what most of you guys said, its pretty epic.

Art is done by J.C.Staff, one of my fav studios, because they didnt make a single generic anime back then, until Danmachi came. Character design isnt that impressive to me, the LN did a better job. Animations is also isnt quite good, pretty bland colors and the lines isnt that sharp, but cant blame it since its from 2008 and the animation standards back then isnt as advanced as of right now. But still not a bad job, since the storyline can make you neglect the quality sometimes.

Music is nice, VERY nice. OP1 and 2 are all addictive, but as for the ED, 1 is the epic one over 2. In fact ED1 might be one of the best ED i ever heard so far. OSTs are nice also, but not impressive.

VAs is a list of veterans. Kugimiya Rie, Horie Yui, Kitamura Eri, Majima Junji, Ohara Sakaya, Tanaka Rie, Asumi Kana, Okamoto Nobuhiko. Love them all. Kugimiya Rie’s signature tsun voice with her “urusai, urusai, URUSAI~~!!”, ahh… heaven. Horie Yui voices a very fun character this time, making it unique, nice job done. Kitamura Eri also did a good job with her Yandere personality.

Besto gurl? None, none of them attracts me for some reason.

In conclusion, this show could be a hit, but the art and soundtrack pulled the scores down pretty dramatically.


Story: 9/10

Art: 7.5/10

Music: 7.5/10

VAs: 9/10

Now for this.

Golden Time might be the better one out of the pair to me. It adds supernatural theme into the mix, with the added cheese into the romance and comedy. The story really blows me away at the very first ep already…


yeah, this hooked me so hard, immediately AOTS, and also the reason why Koko besto waifu.

Another one-of-a-kind female MC, that i cant describe her personality, but she can be my perfect waifu. The story was pretty happy in the beginning, the introduction and all, more on Kaga Koko and her clingy attitude. Then suddenly, PLOT TWIST, she dates Banri instead, perfect couple. Then Linda comes into the picture, causing a huge mess, and worse, Banri’s “spirit”, who “died” since he fell from a bridge and the reason why Tada had amnesia, also came but he loves Linda instead of Koko, causing another huge mess. But the mess helped to cause more drama which is good, so that i doesnt turn bland and boring. I pity Mitsuo a lot, keeps getting harassed by Koko, then rejected by 2 girls, especially Chinami, totally got shot in the chest. Then the climax took a very tragic turn and made it seemed pretty serious, PLOT TWIST, they broke up suddenly. It was all gloomy until the ending, i nearly cried, they reconcile and had a very happy ending. Linda accepted Banri’s spirits feelings, making him being able to rest in peace, then Chinami tries to pursue Mitsuo. The whole series felt pretty rushed especially the middle parts, but it was all right. They made full use of the 24 eps that they have, just like what they did with Toradora. Overall, the comedies are epic, and the seriousness are gloomy and the ending took my heart away and kicked in very heavy feels.

Art is by J.C.Staff, again, but a lot changed since Toradora. Colors are vivid, lines are thin and crisp, frames are pretty fluid. Maybe its just me but the show had a quite distinct orange tint, maybe due to Koko, or me, or its real. Well done.

Music is a mixed bag. All sung by Horie Yui by the way. OP1 and ED2 was damn addictive. OP2 didnt make sense and ED1 was all right.

VAs is a mix of newbies and seniors, and a pretty short list too. Furukawa Makoto, Horie Yui, Ishikawa Kaito, Kayano Ai, Ibuki Kido, Sato Satomi. All did a very good job.

Best gurl? definitely Koko, Linda is just pure annoying.


Story: 8.5/10

Art: 9/10

Music: 8/10

VAs: 8/10

I definitely recommend both, but i would favor Golden Time more. Time for me to rewatch.

Thats it for today. Tomorrow? Cannot guarantee as usual. We will see how it goes.

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