I have no idea how to describe this: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (Mahouka) and a little update.

One of the most controvesial shows i have ever watched. Its a very unique concept with a rather twisted way of executing it. Its originated from a LN, the anime lasted for only 1 season of 26 eps, thank god. But to be honest, I hoped it get another season, i will tell you why later…

How is it like for you?

I dropped this for like 2-3 times, because of its weird nature of boredom. The whole series is pretty much a lengthy, dry and naggy physics lesson with a bit of bio and chem. The story was a legit landslide for the first 2 arcs, the Enrollment and 9 Schools Competition arcs, but Yokohama Disturbance arc managed to put the show back to its feet, making me love the show once again. What this show really lacks is its amount of combat scenes and it sometimes also lacks common sense. It was a long ride, but Yokohama accelerated the show, making 8 eps very short, and insufficient. The main reason i want another season is pretty much because of Yokohama, changing my impression of the show dramatically. The most annoying thing about the show is the “Onii-sama” that Miyuki keeps using, and their relationship. Even tho the author said this isnt incest, but their behaviour told me otherwise. Miyuki even called other girls brocon when she is actually one. WTF, i really hate the irony. “Onii-sama” is a very sweet honorific but the show made it look like a joke, now i dont want younger kids calling me that anymore. This show also made me kinda hate Hayami Saori, but it was shortlived, i like her again now.

Made by Madhouse. The animation quality is pretty legit, frames are smooth, CG for their magic sequences might be a little light but they are pretty all right. Colors are vivid, lines are sharp. Not disappointed, in fact pretty impressed.

Music is pretty much a mixed bag, nice 2 OPs, but the 2 EDs are pretty disappointed, the character songs too, except for Amamiya Sora’s. might put this under favourite songs of the week section.

VAs are a huge list of veterans. Nakamura Yuichi, Hayami Saori, Uchiyama Yumi, Sato Satomi, Terashima Takuma, Amamiya Sora, Tatsumi Yuiko, Kuno MIsaki, Suwa Ayaka, HanaKana, Inoue Marina, Nakahara Mai, Kimura Ryohei, Tomatsu Haruka, Sugita Tomokazu, Tange Sakura, Toyama Nao, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, Saito Chiwa, Inoue Kikuko, Koyasu Takehiro, Toyoguchi Megumi, Hikasa Yoko, Endo Aya, Ito Shizuka. Whew long list, but finally completed. I love them all, Nakamura Yuichi managed to saved Tatsuya even tho he is a very monotonous and boring character. Hayami Saori with her angelic voice again~ HanaKana might not be suitable to be Mayumi as her voice isnt that princess-like, or maybe she used the wrong tone.

Besto gurl? OMG i love Mari, but she have a boyfriend, ugh, i hope she breaks up… Oops.

OMG so cute.


Story: 7.5/10

Music: 8/10

Art: 8.5/10

VAs: 9/10

Ok, done for today, might post something tomorrow.

Oh yeah, a little update about the weekly eps stuff, i think i skipped too many eps that i dont think i can write them anymore, i will most probably wait for their last eps before i start writing anything. Then the weekly eps will continue next season.

2 responses to “I have no idea how to describe this: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (Mahouka) and a little update.

  1. Lol yeah i am not a science student so i spent damn long trying to figure out the magic and kind of gave up in the end lol. Apparently only the light novels give the true picture about the sci-magic.

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