Got nominated for Sunshine award~

Thanks to somethingaboutlynlyn, i got nominated to another award. Didnt know about this but according to Great Grand Holy Master thelimitlessimagination-sama, the Sunshine Blog Award is, “an award given to ‘bloggers who are positive and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere’”. Now to answer some burning questions.

Do you think you’ll ever stop blogging? If yes, why and if no, why not?

  •  Hard to say at this point of time as i only started blogging for 3months now, and the blog is growing pretty quick, feels really good to see it grow. But i will definitely stop at a very old age if i cant find the reason to stop along the way. If i dont stop when im old, people will think im a old hentai geezer lol.

Is there something you would want your readers to know about you that you haven’t already told them in your blog? If so, what is it?

  • Hmm, i have many secrets that i do not want to tell, but for those which i could tell, its pretty little, and i pretty much wrote it all in the intro page. But i think i have something, i actually dreamt of having my own harem. Yes, really, not lying. I think my image just changed for the worst after writing this lol.

Do you let people you know in real life, read your blog? If yes, why and if no, why not?

  • No, because my current conservative society is pretty much alienating people who watches anime, even marking ecchi content as hentai when they dont even know what it actually means.

What inspires you to blog?

  • It just hit me all of a sudden, as i want to share my thoughts and judgment of animes to the world.

Ten years from now, where do you see yourself?

  • A hikkikomori? nope. An otaku? nope. Most probably be a normal person with a very dark secret.

Would you speed date? If so, what are the top three questions you would ask to your potential significant other?

  • No. I hate going to gatherings involving many people. But if you talk about blind dates, most probably wont even bother turning up. Wow, my image changed again. But hey, i have a long distance girlfriend, so i cant really talk about that matter too deeply to prevent misunderstandings.

Under the power of the Holy Loli-Incest God, i hereby nominate:

  • animereviewergirl – hey, her name may sound damn generic but the content tho, PHEW. P.S. RomCom for eternity.
  • LitaKinoAnimeReviews – She has a blog, a youtube channel, sometimes giveaways, exploring anime of different aspects and advertise other blogs. What more could you ask for? STALK HER NOW
  • Yoshino & Co – A bunch of perfect people with an overly kawaii love for moe, loli and lots of 2D stuff. And the name itself make them sound like a pretty well-established company, so no fears for it going bankrupt anytime soon.
  • The Otaku Judge – having legal issues with anime being shitty or not? Find him, he will hit his hammer so hard that he might sentence you to an eternity of perfect anime wonderland. Beware, you might not come back.
  • Anime Corps – A pretty well-established military organization with General Nick leading the charge, and his loyal subordinates, they might be the answer if you want to avoid shitty, generic animes.

Under my command, answer these questions:

  • Worst anime you ever watched in your life. How is it shitty?
  • What do you think the future of anime will be like?
  • Best anime studio you encountered so far.
  • Do you think you will ever quit anime?
  • Romantic Comedy or Romantic Drama?
  • Longest marathon throughout your anime life?

Yeah thats about it. I think i will post something later. Most probably music, since i didnt post them for 2 weeks and found a few nice ones.

7 responses to “Got nominated for Sunshine award~

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  2. It is okay to watch anime at a very old age. I think I will continue watching cartoons and anime for the rest of my life.

    Also it is okay to want a harem. I dream of wanting my own reverse harem too. I think it is a normal thing to want. (I think some people’s view of me may change after stating that, but oh well. I am on your side!)

    Anyways, good answers. I enjoyed reading them.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. LMAO I just saw this. I think I like that new title to my name, thank you very much xD
    Some comments to your answers:
    you know, you can be an old hentai geezer blogger if you want to xD
    Actually, I think, you’ve got the guts to at least admit you dreamt of having a harem.
    And yep, I agree with your approach about letting RL people know your blog, given the society we live in.
    And nice questions, btw. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

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