Feels~~: Half & Half (manga, with serious spoilers)

My first ever manga review. Decided to write a bit more, because i think this one is going to be a short one.

There are 2 vers for this manga, there is the one-shot ver, and the serialization ver. Im writing the serialization ver but i will compare between the two.

A guy called Nagakawa Shinichi, a college student, get slammed by another girl who was commiting suicide, named Sanada Yuki. They then entered a dimension between Life and Death, and god said that they can only be one who dies. Both of them want to live so god gave them a 7 day trial, after 7 days they can only be one… And also their lives are linked, so its like 2 bodies with just 1 life. Once they are too far apart, they will experience pain. They also share their feels and thoughts. They then start their 7 day journey, at first it was a rough ride, but slowly, they open up to each other and fell in love. The time is up, its judgment day, and… Shinichi decided to die, leaving Yuki to live on. A few years later, she read a couple of letters that Shinichi wrote to her, and also they had a child, called Shinji, most prolly she was pregnant during that 7 day trial.

So you said there was a difference between the one-shot and the serialization, what is it?

  • The character designs. Shinichi had glasses and Yuki looks like Yuzuki from Kimi no Iru Machi.
  • The accident was different, the one-shot was the both of them getting hit by the same truck at the same time.
  • The shorter storyline.
  • The 7 day process, serialization is more detailed, and also way different from the one shot.
  • It was Yuki who died in the one-shot, and she did it before Shinichi knew.

The storyline is great, but the one-shot hits me more with the feels than the serialization. Maybe because i read the one-shot, so the plot twists were predictable for me.

Artwork is still nice, both in the one-shot and serialization, but i would say i love the serialization more than the one-shot, a lot.



Story: 9.5/10

Art: 7/10


Story: 8/10

Art: 8.5/10

Recommend? not really, because it might be boring for you guys as it has a pretty deep meaning, especially the one-shot.

ok, see you guys tomorrow.

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