another lengthy post about the past week

Finally, im back, been busy for the past few weeks, so now imma write a rundown about shows i watched for the past few weeks


Ep 7 was pretty much a flashback with the intro of Shaa-tan. Pretty stupid and wasted one ep.

The show is running out of eps and the development is pretty slow. But its still cute and funny. The race was pretty out of proportions and wow, how unexpected, Nyaa-tan wins. And got Uma-tan’s Sol/Lull seal. The End. Pretty much it, the show is slowly declining.



ABOUT FUCKING TIME, 2 EPS OF HARU. I really really love her now, way more than Kosaki, Kosaki isnt that cute as it seems anymore. #TeamHaru. But the Tsun isnt the best tho, i have seen better. The drama is so much better than the others, at least to me… or maybe im turning biased

Seraph of the End

Finally he left school, and got some action, but the development is still so slow, i know they have a 2nd season coming, but thats not a reason why they need to drag it, ugh, and they need better combat scenes, looks so weak compared to SnK. And more new characters~~~ Wow, they trying to challenge Mahouka for longest cast list. But overall pretty enjoyable…


IslarejectedTsukasa Memories

Still a strong contender so far, development are decent and finally, Tsukasa confessed, and got shot down. Then Tsukasa turned into paper, Michiru managed to save him. The reason is pretty much her lifespan, at that point she only have 1month left. Well, they shown the cute and sad side of Michiru, Isla and Tsukasa. Then Kazuki came in and play the bastard for dissolving their partnership, ugh, major impression change. 4 more eps left, feels incoming. #Islatoodamncute


Grisaia no Rakuen

The latest ep felt long, but so far it is pretty enjoyable. Cant wait to see the action in the next ep… If they performed this well for Kajitsu, then it would be so much better. Tensho is finally doing something good, might be able to save the entire Grisaia francise.


Hello! Kinloli Mosaic

Today is a Ayaya solo op… not bad tbh. Same old, more gags, more laughs. Especially the panting in the phone part… Haa Haa~ lol. Ayaya needs to control her feels tbh… Its getting so yuri now. And Shinobu’s hair, wtf, she cut her bangs too short. So far so lovely.


will post a review later, but first, some Yandere…

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